San Juan Capistrano

The OC to many is known for its dive bars and beautiful beach property. San Juan Capistrano is a city in Orange County, California is known for another asset. The city holds the swallows day parade annually and is a hallmark for all southern California students. Its mission is a place of love for all.

The swallows day parade is a celebration each year on March 19th. The swallows return in the summer and nest. You can see them flock around the mission at the heart of the city. On this day the town has a parade to celebrate there annual return. Several fly into the old Mission. Residents of the OC then celebrate with local bands, horseback riders, and sometimes town floats. Its a lovely celebration that makes one fall in love in San Jaun.

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The history of the swallows was that in the 1920’s the mission building was the pinnacle of the town.¬† Yet, through modernization more urban communities developed enabling the foundation for other buildings. Thus, destroying the nesting areas of the swallows. Like all animal friendly activist, the state of California decided to preserve the history of the swallows. So, the town placed a hype around the swallows and made them iconic to the OC. This was utilized to preserve populations. In 2010 the swallows return from the cliffs had dwindled down into the nest made by biologist. If you venture into San Juan they will tell you the legend of the swallows as stated above. This charming tale about the survival of the species migrations is beloved and chapters your heart.


Alike the adoring legend, San Juan Capistrano provides another reason to fall in love. As students in Southern California we often visit several missions to enhance our state history.

One of our favorites is going to Mission San Juan. The mission here has interactive barracks,chapel, huts, and workstations. This fosters an upbeat and active trip. In later years like high school we all love the mission for other reasons. One is the beautiful Spanish style buildings. The white walls and red roofing. In the older part of the mission the brick is beautiful with pink flowers and vines adorning its structure. The gardens are lovely as well. This makes for quite a romantic trip.

So, when I was back home in the OC I had to stop by the mission to check out the gardens. I was also able to pray in the chapel and admire the wonderful setting God gifted us with. After I was able to stop in a few shops and restaurants to rehear the beloved childhood legend of the swallows. From this, I decided I had to share this childhood making and retell my current adventure.


Beach Wedding Romper

Lifeguard Only ūüĆä #fashionblogger #fashionblog (at Dana Point, California)

While, I was home for the holiday’s from veterinary school I was able to attend a family friends wedding. I’ve been to several weddings in the past but never a beach wedding. Normally all the weddings I’ve been to have been formal and require dressy attire. However due to the location of the reception and ceremony, the wedding had a laid back vibe. To accommodate this ocean look we wore beach casual clothes.

Likewise, this posed a challenge for me to find a beach chic outfit. When I normally go to events at the beach I simply wear a cover up dress or shorts. This wouldn’t work for a wedding. So, I thought of sundresses. Sundresses¬† are normally flowly maxi dresses so they give my body no shape and often shrink me. To avoid this I searched for a playful romper.

I found the perfect one at Boohoo.  The off the shoulder cut provided a cute and feminine style. The block and center stripes added a fun pattern in monochrome colors. The bold primary color, yellow was able to contrast with the blue seas and sky. This enabled a chic wedding outfit.

Notably, because it was located at our families beach club I needed to accessorize. So, I choose my Tiffany’s heart earrings and necklace I got for my 16th birthday.

Similarly, I needed to find a pair of shoes that would fit the sandy setting. Due to the sand on the beach I didn’t want to wear my heals. But, I still desired to have something with a platform due to my height. I decided upon my TOMS wedges.

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This wedding was special to me because my Dad was presiding over it the ceremony and it was hosted at our beach club in San Clemente. The Shorecliffs Beach Club was open and casual. It is also home to where I learned to surf as a child. The location of the San Clemente Beach Club is by the PCH bike lane where I bike in the morning to coffee when I’m home. Also to reminisce the wedding is a beach away from Doheny State Beach where I learned to surf. I grew up camping on these beaches and enjoyed being home.

Halloween Nail Art

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Being abroad I’ve recently discovered Halloween isn’t as big of a deal as Americans make it to be. Yet, I am a festive person that loves dressing up at all costs. So, my disappointment for people not celebrating the makeshift holiday was sky rocketed.¬†I would not be supporting my annual cat look.
What I can do this year is add spooky chic beauty looks. A way to achieve that aim is to get a manicure.  When I go in I typically get a black or white background. The monochrome colors provide a clear backdrop for adding other textures or designs. Then I typically get cat or spider stickers on my nails once it drys.
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last years cat nails
For more creative people you can use Essie nail polish and add stickers or decals to your nails.¬† Claire’s has a lot of cheap stickers¬† and fake nails too. In you are talent beautification attempting stripes can also be a unique idea. This is super cute if you plan on going as a witch and have striped stockings to accessorize.
Prefect the style below!
Halloween Nail Art


Nail care

Essie clothing

Travel Comfort

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who¬†have been called according to his purpose.”- Romans 8:28

when IN doubt eat N-Out #innout (at In-N-Out Burger)

As a California native there are several food chains I adore. My top two favorites are In-N-Out and Chronic Tacos. Today being back for a holiday from veterinary school, I was able to get Chronic Tacos and In-N-Out in Dana Point. The two food chains were a wonderful welcome home meals after my lengthy flights from Perth. Additional to my comfort foods I was able to achieve a laid back look that differs from my professional attire at school.

For my two days of travel, from Perth to China and China to LA, I wore my casual staples. I wore a simple sweater from Billabong. My sorority tank top from last year. It was a In-N-Out bid day themed tank top from a friend at UCSB.  A red bralette from Pac Sun was worn under the shirt to accent the red and yellow logo. Likewise, I wore a pair of shorts from LA Love. This simple look provided the laid back comfort as I tackled my two day journey back to the USA.

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Shop Look

Being from Orange County I grew up on tacos. I think nothing can compare to authentic Mexican food. I absolutely love the fresh corn tortilla.¬† Ever since 2002 I’ve been graced with the amazing Chronic Tacos. Everything is made to order unlike frozen or preheated foods you find at other chains. They serve there food in little crates so it makes for wonderful street tacos. It was the perfect homecoming today because I got to go sit on the beach and enjoy one of my favorite meals that is unlikely for Southern California.


School Supplies

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I’ve listed the links to some of my favorite office supplies. They help me stay organized in class. I’m currently obsessed with rose gold themed stationary and clips. Particularly, Forever 21 and Skinny Dip London have wonderful options.
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Forever 21                                                           Skinnydip London
I’ve also grown to like custom planners and have switched from Lily Pulitzer planners to professional journals. This switch was much needed as I take on doctoral school. Professors often frown upon brightly printed patterns so the burgundy and dusted pink journal was more accepted. Journals have been a better fit than planners because I can also take notes instead of writing on the margins of my dated boxes. I have found a few journals on Novica.
Leather-accented journal, 'Sunny Blossoms' - Handcrafted Floral Leather-Accented Journal from India
Novica Journal

Along with my fall obsessions I have grown to adore River Islands fall line. There blouses are essential for professional days on Thursday for guest lectures in my veterinary courses. Similarly Selfridge’s has wonderful accessories that I’ve grown to adore. There leather gloves are wonderful for crisp mornings. Likewise Kendra Scott’s new line has modern simplistic jewelry that adds clean look.¬†

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The links to shop similar items:

River Island red top

Chicwish pink skirt

Pink purse

Kendra Scott ring

Dents leather glove
$45 –¬†

N Damus wide brim hat

Office accessory

Inspired set:
vintage florals

In Love with Fall

“When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers,¬†the moon and the stars, which You have set in place,what is mankind that You are mindful of them, human beings that You care for them”-¬†Psalm 8:3-4

In Love with Fall


Today I got to go to the pumpkin patch. This has been a family tradition for years. It started when I lived in California. Our family would go to the tack shop in Temecula and go pick out pumpkins. We’d also go through the corn maze and take a carriage ride with the Clydesdales on the property. It was always a time I cherished.

This year I was in Perth so could not go with my family to the pumpkin patch at our church in Florida nor make a trip to our hometown in California. So, I found a cute pumpkin patch in  Western Australia that charmed me into all my fall desires, despite it being spring here.

The church sponsoring the pumpkin patch was charming. It had a¬† vintage vibe. So, missing the corn fields and rustic barn from the tack shop I decided to dress according to my roots. I wore a lace creme dress with fringe from Filly Flare and my cowboy boots I’ve had for years.

The outfit I choose is a personal favorite of mine. It holds sentimental value as I’ve previously worn it to my first college game day at Mississippi State and to my first sorority function with Alpha Delta Pi. I was elated to be able to share this fall staple and memory with everyone since it holds intrinsic value to me.

You can shop this look at:

Fall Favorites

Here is a list off all my favorite fall items. All items are under $50.00 and be shopped in the links below.

  1. Favorite fall line is from River Island
  2. Favorite fall purse is from ROMWE
  3. Favorite fall skirt is from Yoins
  4. Favorite fall shoes is from NewLook
  5. Favorite fall jewelry pieces are from: Nordstroms, Chicos, and Eternal Collection
  6. Favorite fall accessories is from: Buckle, Luxury Divas, TrafficShoe, and AnnTaylor
  7. Favorite fall candle is from: Khols
  8. Favorite fall scent is from: Selfridges
  9. Favorite fall sunglasses is hat is from: MindfulBohemianShop
  10. Favorite fall makeup is from: Vestry and Sephora
  11. Favorite fall boots is from: Sperry

River Island v neck shirt

River Island crop top

Chiffon skirt

Wide shoes

Crossbody purse

Crystal earrings

BKE white watch

Metal ring

Lined glove

Flower garland

Ann Taylor buckle belt

Pink sunglasses

Eye brow makeup

Pumpkin candle
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Fall Favorites