Sweater Dress

Photo: @miranda.j.davis [Galway, Ireland]
When I was in Ireland, I became a huge fan of the trench coat. However, I also loved all the prominence of sweaters. Being from San Diego, California the weather was always sunny and temperate year long. So, the aspect of a colder environment was nice.  Due to the colder temperatures I often wore sweaters. One of my personal favorites was my distressed Roxy sweater dress. The dress was simple yet stylish. It was also easy to pair with skinny jeans underneath so I could continue my travels that involved hiking and day journeys.
Roxy™ Borrowed Time Sweater Dress Erjkd03086
When I wasn’t doing day trips and was hanging around Dublin for the weekends I would match the sweater dress with simple boots and ditch the jeans. I would also add in a dark mocha colored belt to give the dress a more slimming shape. This was perfect outfit for getting a coffee and reading at Trinity after a dressage lesson.

Distressed dress /

Sweater Dress
Style set inspired on weekend outfit:  Sweater Dress 

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