Trench Coats


photo: @miranda.j.davis [Rock of Cashel, South Tipperary, Ireland]


Trench Coats

As fall develops and winter approaches coats and jackets become more essential. A classic look, that is now on the rise, is the European classic trench coat. The style become popularized in World War I. Uniform structured khaki colored coat, enabled women to adopted a similar dress code of British soldiers in the 1914-1918. Thus, symbolizing British military strength.  The coat mimicked the soldiers rain preventative “mack” rubber coats. However, with rubber products being manufactured for militant usage only manufactures and designers like Thomas Burberry and Cole Haan, used lanolin and gabardine materials. This furthered the tench coats timeless look.

Andrew Marc Brooke

Today, trench coats offer a well put together look. Just by itself  the coat embodies a slimming feature. The tan and khaki colors make the coat easy to pair with other patterns and colors making the coat simple to accessorize with. Trench coats midi length provides many undercoat options from: dresses, blouses, skirts, and jeans.  Buttons, belts, and sleeve patterns adorning the coats provide cute and more personal adornments for individual style.

Burberry The Sandringham cashmere trench coat

Trench coats have been a classic for fall and winter wear since 1914.


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