In Love with Fall

“When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, the moon and the stars, which You have set in place,what is mankind that You are mindful of them, human beings that You care for them”- Psalm 8:3-4

In Love with Fall


Today I got to go to the pumpkin patch. This has been a family tradition for years. It started when I lived in California. Our family would go to the tack shop in Temecula and go pick out pumpkins. We’d also go through the corn maze and take a carriage ride with the Clydesdales on the property. It was always a time I cherished.

This year I was in Perth so could not go with my family to the pumpkin patch at our church in Florida nor make a trip to our hometown in California. So, I found a cute pumpkin patch in  Western Australia that charmed me into all my fall desires, despite it being spring here.

The church sponsoring the pumpkin patch was charming. It had a  vintage vibe. So, missing the corn fields and rustic barn from the tack shop I decided to dress according to my roots. I wore a lace creme dress with fringe from Filly Flare and my cowboy boots I’ve had for years.

The outfit I choose is a personal favorite of mine. It holds sentimental value as I’ve previously worn it to my first college game day at Mississippi State and to my first sorority function with Alpha Delta Pi. I was elated to be able to share this fall staple and memory with everyone since it holds intrinsic value to me.

You can shop this look at:

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