Travel Comfort

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”- Romans 8:28

when IN doubt eat N-Out #innout (at In-N-Out Burger)

As a California native there are several food chains I adore. My top two favorites are In-N-Out and Chronic Tacos. Today being back for a holiday from veterinary school, I was able to get Chronic Tacos and In-N-Out in Dana Point. The two food chains were a wonderful welcome home meals after my lengthy flights from Perth. Additional to my comfort foods I was able to achieve a laid back look that differs from my professional attire at school.

For my two days of travel, from Perth to China and China to LA, I wore my casual staples. I wore a simple sweater from Billabong. My sorority tank top from last year. It was a In-N-Out bid day themed tank top from a friend at UCSB.  A red bralette from Pac Sun was worn under the shirt to accent the red and yellow logo. Likewise, I wore a pair of shorts from LA Love. This simple look provided the laid back comfort as I tackled my two day journey back to the USA.

Image result for local favorite sweatshirt billabongImage result for pacsun shorts Image result for pacsun bralette red

Shop Look

Being from Orange County I grew up on tacos. I think nothing can compare to authentic Mexican food. I absolutely love the fresh corn tortilla.  Ever since 2002 I’ve been graced with the amazing Chronic Tacos. Everything is made to order unlike frozen or preheated foods you find at other chains. They serve there food in little crates so it makes for wonderful street tacos. It was the perfect homecoming today because I got to go sit on the beach and enjoy one of my favorite meals that is unlikely for Southern California.


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