San Juan Capistrano

The OC to many is known for its dive bars and beautiful beach property. San Juan Capistrano is a city in Orange County, California is known for another asset. The city holds the swallows day parade annually and is a hallmark for all southern California students. Its mission is a place of love for all.

The swallows day parade is a celebration each year on March 19th. The swallows return in the summer and nest. You can see them flock around the mission at the heart of the city. On this day the town has a parade to celebrate there annual return. Several fly into the old Mission. Residents of the OC then celebrate with local bands, horseback riders, and sometimes town floats. Its a lovely celebration that makes one fall in love in San Jaun.

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The history of the swallows was that in the 1920’s the mission building was the pinnacle of the town.  Yet, through modernization more urban communities developed enabling the foundation for other buildings. Thus, destroying the nesting areas of the swallows. Like all animal friendly activist, the state of California decided to preserve the history of the swallows. So, the town placed a hype around the swallows and made them iconic to the OC. This was utilized to preserve populations. In 2010 the swallows return from the cliffs had dwindled down into the nest made by biologist. If you venture into San Juan they will tell you the legend of the swallows as stated above. This charming tale about the survival of the species migrations is beloved and chapters your heart.


Alike the adoring legend, San Juan Capistrano provides another reason to fall in love. As students in Southern California we often visit several missions to enhance our state history.

One of our favorites is going to Mission San Juan. The mission here has interactive barracks,chapel, huts, and workstations. This fosters an upbeat and active trip. In later years like high school we all love the mission for other reasons. One is the beautiful Spanish style buildings. The white walls and red roofing. In the older part of the mission the brick is beautiful with pink flowers and vines adorning its structure. The gardens are lovely as well. This makes for quite a romantic trip.

So, when I was back home in the OC I had to stop by the mission to check out the gardens. I was also able to pray in the chapel and admire the wonderful setting God gifted us with. After I was able to stop in a few shops and restaurants to rehear the beloved childhood legend of the swallows. From this, I decided I had to share this childhood making and retell my current adventure.


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