7 November Dorm Needs

One thing about myself is, that once the school semester picks up full swing I always remember the things I told myself that I’d remember to bring the previous semesters. November was a perfect month for me to remind myself to bring the basic encouragements for the month prior to finals. So, my November shopping haul is vital for pushing myself through endless papers, labs, research, thesis, and digital projects.


November Dorm Haul List:

  1. White Barn Candles– I have recently enjoyed the sweet Bourbon and Butterscotch Candle. It is reminiscent of everything fall should be in America and has a homelike scent that is relaxing. I received a White Barn Candle earlier in the year as a gift for tutoring help and loved the Lavender scent. Sense, that candle has run its course I decided to get one from the same brand to replace it. White Barn/Bath and Body Works Accessories - Bourbon Butterscotch candle Bath & Body Works
  2. Redbubble– Stickers are an essential way to define yourself at university it gives passerby a preview of who you are. My laptop has been pretty bland lately as I had to get the casing on the back fixed after a nice drop. So after my klutzy incident I needed to define myself again. I found cheap stickers on redbubble. I got the typical cutesy flowers but was also able to find my university’s vet school sticker and the local wildlife shelter I volunteer at’s emblem.                  Image result for flower stickers redbubble
  3. H&M– Throw Pillows are another dorm accessory that is synopsis with comfort. Since my dorm room has a beach theme I wanted some nice pillows to match the theme. When I arrived in Perth months ago I was in a hurry to get my basic school supplies that I really didn’t decorate my room like I usually do. So, now mid year I’m venturing into getting throw pillows like a sophisticated adult. Notably, H&M has super cheap throw pillows that are on sale for about 3 aud or 2.75 usd.  Side note H&M also has fun animal printed pillows of giraffes and zebras. This is fun for me as I’m in school for zoological veterinary medicine. Image result for cool throw pillows H&M
  4. Hollar– Is a cheap site were you can essentially get formerly bargained products. Right now they have a coffee mug tree that is about 20 dollars cheaper than the super stores. For $4.75 you can have a coffee mug tree. When I was at Mississippi State I never had to worry about morning coffee and keeping my mugs on track in a clean and small environment. Every morning I’d simply walk down the hall to my sorority’s dining hall and get a cup to jump start my day. However, now I’m in charge on my morning coffee, so a coffee mug tree helps me keep all my dishes clean and organized. 024103 00
  5. Flower Wall Headboard- One of my hall mates across the way from my dorm has the cutest wall accessory. She hand strung flowers together and made strands suspended into a headband. Since I’m not as crafty or artsy as her I found a shop on etsy that strings paper flowers together. I got a white, green, and blue strands to hang above my desk.                                        
  6. Bath & Body Works– A room diffuser. As the year progresses the fresh scents are needed for the dorm. One cute and inexpensive room diffuser is Bathandbodyworks closet diffuser. Its portable and can be placed anywhere in the dorm due to its small shape. They have several types but right now my favorite is the monkey. It is only $4 usd.                                                                           Room Diffuser
  7. PB Teen- Hooks are always needed in my rooms. From lab coats to horseback riding jackets I always need innovative ways to hang things up. Recently I came across hooks at the Fremantle Market and was obsessed. They were rod iron sea horses that had been painted white. Unfortunately,  they were already sold. It became my mission to find them. Notably, my pursuit was achieved! PB Teen has cheaper wire hooks in animal figures. The sea horses are a fun item to hang on the wall and perfect for my dorm theme.                                           Hook

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