November Shopping Haul

The Fremantle Market is one of my favorite places in Western Australia. There is an ecliptic assortment of food, thrifty finds, and trendy clothes. When my Dressage sponsorship rolls in monthly the 20% I keep for myself and don’t donate and put into the WA Wildlife Rescue I normal spend on wonderful products in the market.

For the month of November I normally go all out for Thanksgiving. Each year in America I always attend region 4 horse show. This dressage show falls under the weekend of Thanksgiving. So, the American holiday is a favorite. Since, it isn’t an international holiday and I don’t have a dressage show this year I decided to bring elements of thankfulness and friendship to Australia.

Since, it is mid spring in Western Australia I’ve tried to stray from fall products. However, since it is one of my favorite American holidays I still try to incorporate some elements of my home countries holiday.  So, I’ve been spotting finds in the Fremantle Market.

I’ve added fun products of November needs below.  Most are cheap and under $10 usd.


  1. IndieXo– My favorite November dress was IndieXo smell the roses red dress. I saw a similar print in the Fremantle market and loved that I could find a dress online similar to the loved rose print fabric I saw in one of the shops. An added bonus is with the end of season sale all summer dresses are currently on sale.
  2. Family Holiday Net- Burlap Wreath– For the month of November my dorm room entrance will have a burlap wreath. I’m against big floral wreaths so I like the innovative simplistic wreathes. I was happy to find one without any pine cones, plushies, flowers, words, glitter, or any other nick knacks. The burlap wreath is simple yet defining for fall. Burlap symbolizes unity and food which is everything Thanksgiving embodies. Its nice to symbolize and welcome others into my room that way. Additionally, I was able to find it online for $5.50 usd. Image result for thanksgiving wreath
  3. Lulus– Fluffy heels or feathered heels have been a statement that I have been obsessed with. I think they are girly and fun. They are great for a stroll around town or an upscale night out. The black ones go with just about anything too which made me fall in love with them even more so. I can wear them with a pair of lace up jeans, pencil skirt, or a dress. If utilizing the code “beautiful” on lulus then the product is only $10usd.                                        Valentina Black Feather Ankle Strap Heels 8
  4. Amazon Autumn Garland– A fall festive garland is a cheap and diy idea that is only needed with piping and leaves. Its an easy craft to string and put up over a doorway or table. Personally, I have placed the garland on the dorms central lounge table. For those that aren’t crafty, which is usually me, there is one that can be purchased on Amazon that is on sale for $7.99 usd this week. Factory Direct Craft Autumn Mix Artificial Maple Leaf Garland Fall Decoration
  5. Primark– Primark or Penney’s has several nice thanksgiving themed jewelry. One for November that I have been enjoying is the thankful necklaces. A series of chokers with fall themes. Several have words like thankful or friendship. The others are solid colors and lace. They come in a set of five and you came mix and match. A bonus is they are $3 euro. Notably, they were also featured in Glamour magazine. 
  6. Fremantlestory– Fremantlestory has a booth at the market. They support local artist and musicians. One of the most recent support campaigns they have been promoting is different fashion pieces. At the market I saw a vibrant orange and red printed scarf and I tried to find a similar one online. However the stores I normally shop at didn’t have something with that energetic prints. Image result for fremantle scarves
  7. Atiliay Papers for a Cause– Greeting cards or I’m thinking of you cards are a wonderful way to celebrate the season. Its a reminder to the people you care about that you are grateful for everything they’ve done for you and for making an impact in your life. For the month of November I think it is vital to let all the people in your life be aware of what they mean to you. So I love Atiliay’s custom thanksgiving cards. They are for $5 usd for this season’s cards and cheaper for previous seasons. Related image
  8. Free People-Faux Pearl Headband- A big hair accessory this season was the faux pearl headbands. They add a sense of clarity and sophistication to any outfit. They are also versatile so it works with any up do. At Free People they have one for $9.99 usd with silver lining.                                                                                                              Thumbnail View 4: Sleek Pearl Headband
  9. The Lakeside Collection– Has crafted Thankful Jars or Count Your Blessings Jars. These are another fall diy I have in-placed is the I’m thankful jar. In the midst of finals I think it is important to give thanks for the little things. I once had a speaker at a school ask us to list 100 things we were thankful for in daily life. No one in that lecture could list a full 100. So, I challenge myself each year to write down the little things that make everyday magical. The thankful jar is simple. It is just a jar you put notes in. For those who want to purchase one instead of make one you can purchase one at  the Lakeside Collection for $5.98 usd.                     Image result for thanksgiving dorm signs
  10. Free People- Cross Body Purse– With slightly cooler weather it means more hikes in Kings Park for me. Particularly, I needed a bag that I didn’t have to carry with me on my shoulders or tote around. The cross body bag allows me to keep my ID, keys, and phone. The faux skin vegan print enables a more styled look. So, if I’m in denim it can add positive accents of a more put together look.                               Thumbnail View 3: Giselle Embossed Pocket Belt




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