One of my classes required an observation of macropod marsupial animal. There are several through out Western Australia. Finding a marsupial animal to observe wouldn’t be hard. However I wanted to observe a macropod in its normal environment. Most of my classmates picked a type of wallaby or kangaroo. Since, I volunteer at a wildlife rescue I get to interact with the two species regularly so I wanted to branch out.

Notably, I thought of the quokkas which run among one of the islands in Perth. Quokkas are nick named the worlds happiest animals after several tourist posed with selfie with the critters on the island. The animals quickly adopted to being picture friendly and posing for the camera.

The cute small animals were friendly and happy. The cat size animal was adorable so I thought I would share my favorite photo I snapped of one of the cute little Quokkas.

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The island itself is Rottness Island. It  is known for being filled with Australia’s native wildlife. The Western Australian island has a diverse ecosystem making it a great day to explore. On top of the Quokkas venturing into the island makes a great day trip to see eagles, rocket parrot, bobtail lizard, fur seals, and dolphins.

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If you aren’t into all the animals like I am there are also plenty of activities on the island. There is 63 open beaches that make a perfect paradise. There is also a seaway trail and hiking trail to capture the beautiful scenery. On top of that there is museums filled with the islands history. Additionally, cinema to relax and unwind from the days heat. Likewise, a spa and other beautification units.

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