Accessories For Less {Under $20}

I’m an accessory oriented person. I believe it make something simple extraordinary. For an instance I’m all about rompers and dresses just because they are easy to wear and throw on. For a person who is normally decked out in scrubs simplicity in outfits is great because its related to the non-complex style of doctoral wear.

Due to this, I normally need to spice up my outfits so they are stationed in a plain mundane wardrobe. Accessories were they easy fix to stylizing my outfits. They allow me to make bold statements and expand my creativity.

Ever since I was a child I’ve been obsessed with scarves. They are versatile so you can use them for there purpose, a necklace, head-wraps, or headbands. Likewise, I’m a huge supporter of hats. You have more fashionable cuts, basic caps, and beanies. There’s hats for every season and they all add a special flare to dresses. Similarly, glasses add an extra effect. Sunglasses provide a warm and vibrant vibe, while reading or nerd glasses provide an educated cute persona. Notably, gloves enable a person to look edgy with leather or pristine with lace. So, an accessory can create excitement in any outfit.

As a college student most my money goes towards school supplies and the rest normally goes to animal oriented events, programs, and trips. So, I only have a few to spend on myself. With that it has taught me to look for cheaper items. Thus, I decided to share my favorite accessories under $20 usd. Lots of these items are under $5 which is amazing.

  1. Urban Outfitters Pompom Scarf – $20 (comes in neutral and orange)

Thumbnail View 2: Colorblocked Pompom Scarf Thumbnail View 2: Colorblocked Pompom Scarf

2. Anthropologie Budding Baseball Cap- $19.95

Thumbnail View 4: Budding Baseball Cap

3. Free People Bow Scrunchies- $8.00 or 3 for $12.00

Thumbnail View 3: Colorblock Bow Scrunchie

Thumbnail View 2: Colorblock Bow Scrunchie

Thumbnail View 2: Colorblock Bow Scrunchie


4. Shein Graphic Printed Bandanna- $5.00

Graphic Print Bandana

5. Romwe Transparent Frame Metal Glasses- $4.99

6. Romwe Infinity Scarf – $4.99

7.Lulus Lavender Fishnet Socks- $4.00

Free People Sugar Sugar Lavender Fishnet Socks 1

8. Lulus Plaid Scarf- $16.00

Prep School Red and Navy Blue Plaid Scarf 3

Prep School Brown and Red Plaid Scarf 2

9. Topshop Ankle Socks- $6.00 or 3 for $15

Ribbed Trim Ankle Socks
Ribbed Trim Ankle Socks

10.  Dorthy Perkins Floral and Stripe Skinny Scarf- $5.00

All these items are perfect accessories that can make any outfit trendy. The addition of accessories can personalize ones outfit.

Notably, I let my unique style shine through with utilizing a Hermes scarf as a headband below.


The blue horse printed scarf allowed my black and white Billabong romper stand out. The scarf enabled a bold statement to contrast with the classic neutral coloring. A cost efficient version of the scarf can be found at





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