Chocolate Acorns

I’ve never been the best cook but the more fundraisers and philanthropy events I attended the more I had to learn to make treats. Once I got into college it was like a whole over playing field. My undergrad was in the south at Mississippi State were all the southern girls had ample dishes and baked goods to serve out. So, I needed a dessert guide for idiots; unfortunately, I couldn’t find one. After lots of failed attempts I’ve been able to get a collection of easy no hassle treats anyone could make.

Since it is November I have decided to share one of my easy go to desserts. This one is perfect for all the after school clubs, organizations, parties, and events one might attend in college. Chocolate Acorns was something I saw on a food network a while back. A contestant was utilizing them to top a cake. It was never fully explained how the treat was formed. Notably, after analyzing pictures of them for awhile I was able to make sense of the treat.

In its fully simplicity the Chocolate Acorns only require vanilla wafers, chocolate sauce, chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, and Hershey kisses.

  1. Lay ingredients out on a clean surface
  2. Unwrap the Hershey kisses
  3. Use the chocolate sauce as glue by attaching it to the unwrapped Hershey kisses
  4. Attach the vanilla wafers to the Hershey kisses; the chocolate sauce acts as glue
  5. Add chocolate sauce to the chocolate chips or peanut butter chips
  6.  Attach the chocolate chips and peanut butter chips too the top of the wafer; the chocolate sauce should act as glue
  7. Seal items in air tight contain or zip block bag
  8. Enjoy!!!


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