Thanksgiving Outfit

“You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.” -2 Corinthians 9:11

Every thanksgiving millions of Americans gather around a table filled with family and cram themselves with food. At the table a certain form of eloquence is required to fufill this feast. One of these unspoken manners that are to be maintained is proper attire.

If your from an old southern family than the only way you’ll appease your relatives is dressing for the occasion. Thanksgiving meal is similar to brunch so semi formal. Thus, meaning that stylish dress, or a nice midi skirt and lace blouse. If they are really southern you may even need to bring out the white gloves used at garden parties or soirees.


To cater to this demanding attire I have complied a list of good holiday options that you may have in your closet that could quickly be formed into an outfit ones grandmother would approve of.

  1. White Lace Dress- its simple an elegant. Also one with a high neck trim adds some rustic flair that can be passed off as trendy. The lace is also slimming and can be paired with a more autumn color scheme.  The featured dress below is from Lulu’s.    Remarkable White Lace Dress 5
  2. Off the Shoulder Sweater Dress- The sweater dress is the perfect fall dress. As I’ve mentioned before its easy to style and actually has a fall vibe to it. While I have normaly sported ones with full sleeves the off the shoulder provides an oppertunity to showcase a tassel necklace or blanket scarf. Also the balloon sleeves provide an oversized dress that provides cozy option. The one pictured below is from Express.
  3. Embrodered Dress- An embrodered dress with longer sleeves is the feminine option for Thanksgiving. While, it treds more on the formal side it is still semi casual with the mesh lining. However, it provides a girly look with its flared skirt. The embrodiery itself is elegant with light pink and red floral piecies. It looks chic with feathered heels. If you are a taller person its a perfect fit with the longer skirt seem. The dress below is from H&M.                                                                         
  4. High Neck Lace Sleeves Blouse- A modern twist that holds the same class as the pheasant tops, that were big two years ago, are high neck blouses. They still have the flared sleeves and pristine trim as the pheasant blouse but have the pristine of a lace dress. They can easily be paired with a nice pencil skirt or midi skirt. Also they look lovely with a pair of thigh high boots. The top is great for a night out as well. As for colors go with a darker primary color like a mustard yellow or wine red. The one pictured below is from Alice and Olivia.                                           
  5. Sequined Halter Top- The halter top is a more embelished top that caters towards more of a girls might out but can be styled toward a family function. The covered neckline is wholesome when paired with a loose sweater or open cardigan. Likewise when paired with trouser it adds an aparent clairity to the outfit. A nuetral color like beige or silver is better for shape.  The top is from ASOS                   



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