Derby Days

Currently the hight of football season is in play and the commencment of horse racing season has sprinted off for the roses. So, it was essential to find a semi casual outfit to fit these midday occassions. Normally, this is an attire dress code I can struggle with. However with this seasons fast moving trends and new graphic tshirts it was a easy match.

I decided on a multi colored tweed skirt from Shein. It was affordable and slimming. The a line skirt was girly with cues of color. The fabric had mixed pinks, blues, and yellows with the grey and black background. The skirt stopped mid thigh so was easy to match with a pair of navy heels. Flirty and fun was the theme of the skirt. It has been easy to utilize in the Melbourne Racetrack.

Likewise, I was in need of a top. After living in the south I enjoy brining in influences of that hospitality. Draper James had several graphic tshirts that I could have paired my skirt with. The welcoming and charming slogans are fun mockings of “southernisms” of the south.  However, I opted on the Hold Your Horses top. It was perfect for a casual day at the races and perfect for later day tailgates.


Needless to say, I found the perfect outfit for a semi causal day. I matched the tweed Shein shirt with a Draper James top. To accesseroize I added navy heels that matched my tops text and a white hat for the sunny day ahead.

24296759_1973885692638906_1205091700037076832_n (1)



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