Sweater Weather

Living in a warmer weather normally means no cozy sweaters or cute ankle wedges. The seasons are normally all the same, save for maybe a five degree temperature drop. None the less its still lovely. However, there are fashion iteams that don’t have a need in your wardrobe.

Since, I went to school in Mississippi and visited Ireland I still have some left over sweaters from the cooler weather. Today was a rarity where it was sprinkling and slightly cooler. The dessert morning weather gave me the oppertunity to wear my anthroplogie field flower dressage sweater. The sweater is a charcoal grey with creme and vinalla dressage horses stitched on it. The sweater is open in the form of a jacket so its more slimming. It also holds a personal meaning to me because I practice dressage.


Anthropologie Coat
Purchase at: Anthropologie via Tradsey


As with any outfit I based it with a creme knit top from HM and shorts from Pacsun. The HM top was a halter top so it was more flowly and loose than the formed sweater. This enabled me to embody some of the beach styles I like to encorperate. Following with the more relaxed vibe I paired my top with a pair of dark denim blue shorts from Pacsun.

Purchase at: HM
Due to being a short person I had to give myself some height in the outfit. I decided to match my top with some TOMS wedges. The ankle boots added to the faux winter theme I was aiming for. It also provided that I could incorperate my cooler wardrobe for a day. The tan dessert boots matched the top and help the sweater not provide a shrinking feel.

Main Image - TOMS 'Desert' Wedge Bootie (Women)

As with every outfit I needed to accessorize. I’m a big fan of a classier look even when I am encorperating a beach style or winter theme. So, I decided to add a scarf from HM. The scarf encompassed horse bit prints in black, creme, and tans so it matched perfectly. It added a more glossier and finished look to my outfit. I wore the scarf around my neck instead of utilizing it as a headband. Thus, providing a trendy street fashion style.



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