Last Zoo Day of the Year

As an aspiring zoological surgeon I feel at home at the zoo. The zoo and the beach are definatly my happy places. So I was thrilled to get one last visit in at the zoo before 2017 commenced.

Recently I have been having class at the zoo and have been able to visit after my course. Unlike, when I travel to see my animals at a reserve or protected island, visiting the zoo is seeing conservation at work for me. Along with that its a place that is comforting and inspiring for me to see ecological protection in place. AVMA zoos help protect animals and allow them to have free range in acres that are assimilated to mimmic there home nautre.

Likewise, as an animal lover I absolutley adore stopping and seeing all of God’s creatures. In this most recent visit I got to feed giraffes and see a baby pygmy hippo. As always I stopped by to see my other favorites too. Macropod animals are definatly have my love so I had to hang out with my wallabies for awhile. Likewise, I also feed the lorikeets and got swarmed by several of them.

All in all it was a great day at the zoo because zoo days are the best days.

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