Four Best Beauty Advent Calenders 2017


Advent Calenders are always a holiday favorite. It counts down days to Christmas in a cute manner. Each day is marked by a box that holds a certain gift. Usually the traditional advent calenders held holiday iteams like mistletoe and ornaments. On the last day the calenders typically had a bigger iteam in celebration of the holiday.

In recent years it has become popular to select a theme for the calendar. Cosmetic and beauty lines decided to put there own twist to counting down the joyous time of the year. Now beauty loves can ring in the holiday season with there favorite products that can be used to bring out that Christmas cheer!

Since retailers have now jumped on this trend heres a list of advent calenders that are great for giving the best beauty buys.

The Body Shop 24 Days of Beauty– The body shop is always a personal favorite of mine. There lotions and soaps are always a perfect gift. So, before gifting others treat yourself daily to there lovely products. This advent calender is loaded with dreamy goodies from their classic body butters to nice. It is well worth the $85.00 usd. The advent calender includes: Mango Lip Butter (0.34 oz), Mango Shower Gel (2.03 oz), Frosted Plum Soap (0.88 oz), Coconut Shower Gel (2.03 oz), Nail File, Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel(2.03 oz), Frosted Berries Soap (0.88 oz), Coconut Hand Cream (1.01 oz), Eyelash Curler, Mango Body Lotion (2.03 oz),White Bath Lily, Vanilla Soap (0.88 oz), Black Eye Definer (0.04 oz), Facial Cleansing Sponge, Strawberry Shower Gel (2.03 oz), Shea Lip Butter (0.34 oz), Chamomile Gentle Eye Make Up Remover (2.03 oz), Almond Hand Cream (1.01 oz), Red Gloves Bath, British Rose Body Butter (1.69 oz), Brush Brow/Lash Comb, Strawberry Born Lippy Lip Balm (0.34 oz), White Musk Body Lotion (2.03 oz), and Gold Glitter Dust (0.04 oz).  So, this advent calendar contains all the pampering essentials and is well worth the price.
The Body Shop Online Only 24 Days Of Beauty Advent Calendar_2 The Body Shop Online Only 24 Days Of Beauty Advent Calendar_1

Seventh Avenue Beauty Advent Calendar– Country Door normally has cutom beauty and home products. They are generally warm and lively. One of there suppliers is Seventh Avenue Beauty wich specalizes in women’s makeup. Since, every fashionable woman needs neutral tones in makeup a simple way to gain them is through the 24 day advent calendar. This advent calendar is decorated in a dark blue and silver box with reindeer designs. It automatically sparks the Christmas mood. The $29.99 usd calendar includes everyones daily look makeup desires. The custom cosmetic box includes: 7 eye shadows (.15 oz.), 2 lip glosses (.37 fl. oz.), 2 lipsticks (.11 oz.), 2 lip balms (.08 oz.), 2 lip liners (.02 oz.), 2 nail polishes (.27 fl. oz.), mascara (.17 fl. oz.), blush (.14 oz.), bronzer (.14 oz.), highlighter (.14 oz.), pencil sharpener, blush brush, lip gloss brush, dual-tip applicator, and purse compact. All your makeup essentials an on the run makeup needs. This box is a cheaper way to gain your festive cosmetic needs.

Image result for seventh avenue beauty advent calendar

Mad Beauty Advent Calendar– A cheaper advent calendar of $13.99 is a stylish way to still get all your beauty needs without the hassel of the price of some other advent calendars. The Mad Beauty Advent Calendar provides all the adorable selections through twelve days. A typical box contains several twelve goodies and boxes are unique and different. What each box will contain is 3 lip glosses, eye shawdow,  2 matte lipsticks, 3 nailpolish sets, and a few other makeup surprises. This advent calendar is perfect for girls who are seeking a going out look. The box typically contains dark reds and and bright pink tones. All are perfect for that Christmas party.

Beauty Advent Calendar

Tanya Burr 12 Sweet Days of Christmas– I normally don’t indulge on youtuber’s products but Tanya Burr has the perfect holiday cosmetic collections. Her products for the holidays can be found in this charming advent calendar. Tanya’s collection has the glimmer and glam of seasonal joy. The line has the sparkly silver and gold to bring the merry winter glow. Her advent calender is on the cheaper side of $10 euro. Her calendar includes: a compact mirror, nail file, 3 nail polishes (red, gold, and silver), 3 lip glossses (red, rose gold, and silver), 2 eyeliner glosses (silver and gold), 2 shimmers (rose gold and silver). All her products are lovely and make for a fun Christmas advent calendar.


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