Favorite Graphic T-shirt

Its the holiday season so it means lots of printed graphic shirts for lazier days. For me I normally wear a printed shirt from Billabong or O’Neill. I’ll pair the shirt with a pair of jeans or longer skirt. The outfit can be stylized with heels or TOMS wedges for a more trendy look for a casual night out.

In 2014 a current trend in Orange County, California was to sport the up and coming Beverly Hills Brand, Wildfox. The now iconic brand specializes in printed shirts. One of my favorite printed shirts comes from one of there holiday lines. The former winter collection was the “Welcome to the Dreamhouse: At Home with Barbie,” line.

I got a plain graphic shirt that had the pink Barbie logo. On the back it became a favorite top because it listed all the careers the yong girls toy was fashioned into having. It had veterinarian mentioned. Since veterinary medicine is an aspiration of mine I instantly loved the shirt. It becames symbolic that I could be fashionable and smart. So, on December days when I need something to symbolize holiday cheer and freedom from finals I wear my printed top.

Recently when I wore the top, after returning from my classes, I had styled it with a more glam look. I opted for a longer pleather vegan skirt. I also paired it with some dark and light pink leopard print heels.

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