Fashion for Five $5.00- Holiday Edition

If your in a hurry to make a speady purchase here are a few sites to help make the holidays merry and bright. Most importantly these Christmas gifts are all under $5.00 and totally chic.

You can still give all your friends a fashionable gift at a price under five. The list below is also perfect for all thouse secret santa and white elephant gifts we end up partaking in each year. Now your friends can get something they love.

  1. Zaful– Zaful is an online clothing store that is currently having a holiday gift shop that is all under $1.99. There are four pages with 60 iteams off clothing articles and accessories all under $1.99. Lots of these iteams are cute boho jewerly pieces or girly bikinis. Notably, there products are boho and fit the vacation trend and the upcoming need for Spring Break apparal. Regaurdless they are all products that would make an excellent gift at an affordable price. Basically you are giving a gift from pocket change.                                 Artificial Pearl Rhinestone Bows Earrings - GoldenHigh-Low  Printed Asymmetric Skirt - Off-white L Bowknot Strapless Bikini Set - Light Blue SFishnet Bowknot Embellished Anklet Socks - Black
  2. Shein– Another online site for great clothing finds is Shein. Its recently been my go to online shop. You can adjust the size and style with an online profile to sort amoungst the hundreds of clothing iteams they have. On top of thatthe store is super reliable and what you see in the photo is what you get. What’s even better is for Christmas they have an under $5.00 sale section. It covers from friendship necklaces, makeup bags, phonecases, workout clothes, an edgy headbands. Heart Pendant Friendship Necklace 3pcsCalico Print BandanaFrill Trim Ribbed Bandeau TopFlamingo & Jungle Print Makeup Bag
  3. Forever 21– 500 Under 5 is the current headline on the site of Forever 21. For the seasonal spirit they are providing over 500 iteams at a price under $5.00. The amount of products listed are 1034 apperal pieces under $5.00. This is a huge hit for the holidays and last minute buys. Surley everyone can find something in 1034 iteams that they could enjoy. Whats even better about this last minute bargain find is that Forever 21 is iconic for classic girly clothing statements. Some of the best deals I found while browsing through there deals are the double sided makeup mirror, elf cosmetics, and beanies. All are wonderful pampering finds.1_front_58
  4. Trendsgal– All my friends rave about trendgals. They are an online store that offers wholesale products under a certain rate. During December they have a promotion for dresses under $4.99. The site has over 12 pages of dresses with 60 on a page. So, if your looking for a specific style or occasion there is the perfect dress in there collection.                                                                                              
  5. Rue 21– Is another online store that is doing an under $5.00 for the saving during the winter season. For cheaper and chic Christmas gifts you are sure to find them here. They are offering products that are great for people always needing essential wardrobe or makeup piecies. On this holiday sale they have camis, tank tops, belts, and shorts.                                                             Heather Gray Athletic Striped Dolphin Short  GRL PWR Metallic Wristlet   Light Pink Side Slit Maxi Skirt   Stretch Double Ring Belt

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