Floral Fun

With the wave of flower crowns commencing to an end at the beggining of 2017 there was a gap left for everyones flowery needs. The big lavish headbands decored with lush flowers where now yesturdays accessories. So what is a good replacement to accessorize with? The question was one I spent the majority of the year trying to uncover.

I tried out the faux pearls headbands, the bow scrunchies, patterned scarves, and a multituded of hats. All have been cute and worked well with my outfits. Yet, none of my fun accessories enhanced the feminine floral looks I once had.

Luckily, during a trip to H&M with a friend I uncovered a wall filled with floral accessories. There dozens of cute indivdual flower clips and pins for your hair style. The hair clips were vastly different than the flower crowns. They were much simpler and siphisticates too. If anything the cute floral hair accessories were a more mature look to foramlly popular flower crowns.

Image result for h&M flower clips Image result for h&M flower clips

So, even the one trend ended you can still modify the concept and enhance the look. I was able to adapt to a new look while still achiving the sweet summer style I sought after.

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