D.C. Outfit

Societal influences of political and medical dramas have shifted my outlook of fashion choices in big cities. Personally, D.C. is metaphor for its economist, political animals, and media personalities. All whom belong to the professional world.

So, after watching the thoracic surgery I was able to change into something chic and noteworthy. An outfit that would be a professional must have. I decided upon a Draper James dress from Reese Witherspoon’s line.

The Draper James‘ dress was the essential choice for strolling through America’s capital. Notably, the dress was knee-length and slimming. So, it added a feminine figure to my look. The dress itself had a delicate lace pattern at the top. It paired with a cute thin velvet tie and then meshed into a velvet dress.

Hot Tea and Priorities! Having a great time wandering around my favorite DC museums in my @draperjames velvet dress and @sheinofficial hat! Shop the full look and read about my museum trips in today’s blog! #fashionblog

To match this outfit I decided to accessorize. Due to the colder weather I opted for a faux pearl beret from Shein. The adorable pearl studs mixed in nicely with the laced sleeves of the dress. Likewise, the Coach jacket I wore had a milky black color that tied in with the dress. As for shoes I opted for my TOMS wedges. I wore my dark dessert themed pair. Since, the weather was cold I added faux leather gloves from Coach.

Enjoyed seeing my favorite museum in DC today. So glad I got to save my @draperjames dress for the occasion! You can see a the pictures from the mammals and hope diamond exhibit on my blog today! #fashionblog #ootd


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