Zoo Day! 2018

Yesterday I got to visit the National Zoo at the Smithsonian’s zoological Park. The zoo is alway a favorable place for myself. So I was overjoyed to visit another.

The zoo hosted free admission and was in a park format. All guest could access the Connecticut Avenue Park from many sites. So it was easily accessible and quick to navigate.The park was clean and not over run with tourist. Particularly, the grounds keepers were helpful and resourceful. The zoo was lovely.

Notably, zoo host natural flora and fauna. In the early mornings several deer and beavers can be see in the forest terrain that landscapes the zoo. The DC setting also brings in the majestic vines and cherry blossom trees.

Upon my arrival it was gloomy and raining. However the weather didn’t stop my enthusiasm and excitement to see the animals I will one day treat.

As an aspiring zoological surgeon I had to see the mammals first. I started with the famous pandas Ting Ting and Mieng. I then stopped by the research unit and spoke with keepers and veterinarian about behavioral patterns and there impacts on hormone cycling.

After I ventured my way over to the primates area and saw the “thinking” movement they had installed. The zoo’s foundation is productivity with their animals so they can stay engaged and prosper. This also helps with conservation movements on how to approach animals in natural terrain.

I then walked through the small mammals, aviary, and reptile units. I was pleased to see their dedication to the maintenance of wild turtles and their shell repair programs. Likewise, I also enjoyed reading about the newfound dietary habits of fennec foxes.

Likewise, I ended my trip with the big cats and elephant units. I saw the tigers and female pride. All the elephants were precious and social greeting everyone who walked by.

All in all it was a great trip!

One thought on “Zoo Day! 2018

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