Wine Wall DIY

Growing up in southern California I am well accustomed to good wines. With wineries all around its easy for the delightful beverage to become an adored focus for household hosting and tasting.

Since my family are all red wine enthusiast, preferably  cCabernet Sauvignon and left bank Bordeaux, we decided to commemorate our love. In my family’s florida home we decided to build a wine wall. A wall filled with decorative wine crate labels.

A wine wall host all the casings of former wine bottles. We took the decorative labels of each crate that we’d ordered or brought home in the past. My family then collected around 250 of the crates for the wine wall. After we cut the casing down to the decorative side of the box or wooden crate. We then purchased support beams and filler wood pieces.

Next we placed the support beams around the door frames we wanted covered. We then nailed them. Following, that we then nailed each decorate side panel onto the wall with in the corresponding space from the beams. In the left over space we then nailed filler pieces of wood to cover the wall.

Once the wall was covered and nailed we then added furnishing accents to the wine wall. We bought wood stained in a hickory and steel grey colors to stain the wood. We then painted the filler pieces, lightly staining them. This clashed nicely with the different colored crates.

After the staining dried we then had a lovely custom wine wall. This wall is a great piece for welcoming guest into our family home.


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