Summer/Spring Straw Hats 2018

The perfect accessory doesn’t have to be an embellished handbag or bejewelled choker. Instead they can be something as simple as a hat. Particularly, the summer favorite straw hats. This is a great accessory for the warmer seasons.

A straw hat is a classic spring/summer staple. These hats are perfect for the heat-giving off uv protection and shade. Not only do straw hats provide ample coverage from the sun, but they provide opportunities to match your outfit.

The straw hat as been a southern couture item for decades. A current trend has been to add darling sayings in cursive text on the back brim off the hat. An Italian trend has been to adorn the hat with a cut piece of ribbon adding a girly flair.  Other styles included attaching flowers into the upper part of the hat. Notably, each trend is an elegant way to accessorize during the seasons’ fervency.

In similar fashion, the brim of the hat can correspond with an outfit. For an instance a floppy hat could be desired for pool side lounging or a brunch attire. Likewise, a shorter and more rounded brim will pair nicely with a less formal look of a skirt and dress. Either brim length can complete an outfit.

I utilized this straw hat trend when I went to the lake today. I wore a cute vegan suede skirt with a t-shirt. The casual look was topped with my straw hat. I choose one I had acquired in Florence a few years ago. It has a more rounded brim and tailored creme ribbon attached to it. The chic hat pair nicely with my TOMS wedges. The hat also provided a cute way to stay cool as I strolled around.

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