I was in Tampa for some travel checkpoints at the airport. So, I decided to get brunch after I completed my morning tasks.

Normally, when I’m in Tampa I frequent Hyde Park or Bayshore Boulevard. This area typically has neet restaurants,  up and coming food busses, and trendy stands. The center was fashioned to mimic the likes of Central Park and Fifth Avenue in New York. Due to the chic landscape and friendly people, I often consider it the only part of Florida I tolerate.

However, today I ventured away from the likeness of Sprinkles Cupcakes, Bar Taco, Four Green Fields to a more residential favorite. Datz is known in the area for its craft beers, specialty treats, and comfort foods. So, I opted to try it out for Brunch.

Luckily for me, it was an instant hit. The place had indie decorations; from wine chandeliers to fairy light bar stools. Outside they had several ecliptic sayings with food backgrounds.

Particularly, they had an adorable painting perfect for instagram photos. The wall was adorned with doughnuts, bacon, and cherries as cats were scattered across the wall. It was to cute not to pass taking a photo by, even though I wasn’t dressed for the occasion.

Datz, was a great little deli too. Besides the cute atmosphere the restaurant also had amazing food. They made delicious pancakes that were cooked into perfection. Similarly they had fluffy omelets and wonderful cheesy grits. It was an amazing try for brunch.

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