Hair Accessories

While I often write about staple wardrobe apparel items I often neglect the vital importance of accessories in influencing your seasonal choices. Due to spring being a time of joy and the reemergence of sunshine it is necessary to let the climate sway your style.

With all the floral, stripes, plaid, pastel, and bright patterns and colors floating around its nice to tie in a few minimal accessories. In the fall and winter I normally push flashier accessories like scarves, beanies, gloves, thicker necklaces, bold hair ties, and larger bags. Yet, this seasons trends tend to be softer in make so they call for a more subdue look.

Last week I wrote on hats for the summer and how the pair nicely with jumpsuits and rompers. So, I thought I would incorporate another lively option. As everything is now regrown and reaching full bloom, the flowers are in full swing. This scenic landscaping is easy to incorperate into your outfit.

In the past flower crowns have been a huge summer trend. But, that style has peaked in 2014, so a new floral accessories needed to become a primary contender. Luckily the hit product is flower clips. They come in all types from roses to lilies. Additionally, the clips are marketed in different fabrics from sequins to felt.

Image result for h&m hair clips

I’ve seen them all across Claire’s, H&M, and Gap. At each store they have been cost effecient. Personally, I purchase mine at H&M; where I get a three pack for a $2.00 usd. H&M  frequently has sales on their hair accessories in stores, so its often under the $2.00 usd.

Add a feminine touch with these feather & fabric rose hair clips. | H&M Pastels

To utilize your flower, you just simply find a clip that matches your outfit then fascinate it. Primarily these clips work well with being fixed inbetween to bobby pins. Likewise they serve the same function.

In the outfit below I pulled my hair back into two parts. I then clipped each side back with two bobby pins. Then I added two flower clips to my major part line then one to the minor side part. This created a floral arrangment that matched not only the flowers in my top, yet the ones growing outside.


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