Spring & Summer Colors 2018

As the spring season approaches I thought I would add a list of popular colors. The colors shown on the list here are colors that I’ve noticed in retail and department stores thus far. I’ve also incorperated a few color trends that I’ve seen from runway previews by a few brands from NYFW 2018.

Pastels: The Easter Egg colors are making a big wave this spring. While pastel’s are normally loved this time of year becasue of there resemblence to the floral undertones. However this season pastel colors have been even more subdue tone. The lighter pastel hughes provide a softer spring look.

Image result for pastel clothes

Sunshine Yellow –

Ruby Ice Blue-

Moda Bella Solid Ruby Ice

Light Lavender-

Related image

Green Translucent-

Image result for pastel green

Peach Marigold-

Image result for pastel orange


Image result for pastel cream

Bright: Another color trend is bright colors. The bright colors reminensce the blue sky and green grass. They play into the summer vibe and sunny weather.

Related image

Buttercup Yellow-

Rosco E-Colour #643 1/4 Mustard Yellow (48"x25' Roll)

Sky Blue-

Image result for sky blue color

Cranberry Pink-

Related image

Sea Green-

Related image

Lush Lavender-

Image result for lavender pastel

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