Capital Fashion

Recently, I was in Maryland for a family trip. As a last American event I wanted to go to Preakness for the horse races. While, I was staying in Maryland I was able to venture into the nation’s capital after a half hour trip.

Last time I was in DC it was quite warm and not rainy. During this trip it was poring and cold. Due to the intense rainfall I opted for flats instead of heels. Notably, I choose subtle nude flats. The flats itself had no design or trim to enhance the shoes or make a statement. I decided to wear these flats because they allowed for a classier look in the political powerhouse district.

As for the main components of the outfit I selected a lace sleeveless top. The lace top was from Forever 21 and had intricate floral details. It had a high neckline with a curled trim. Adorning the neckline it also had a dark silk bow-string tie. Following the bow the top was then met with a slight laced ruffle and black trim. The lace top was very feminine and lovely for a professional or chic environment.

To match the flats and top I went with a blush pink skirt from Shein. I choose the color because it fit on the neutral spectrum I was going with. The skirt like my flats was plain. Notably, to style the look I left the pencil skirt un-tucked. The pencil skirt was knee-length, so it was perfect for touring respectable historical sites.

The outfit I selected for my capital trip was professional and cute. It’s perfect for a work place setting and romantic venues. Best off all the products selected can be found at Forever 21 and Shein for under $20.00 usd prices. Similar tops and skirts are available as well.

Personally, I have sported this look many times before during professional class room days at school. It still provides a feminine edge while channeling a Legally Blonde affluent look.

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