Summer Brunch Outfit

Sunday Brunch may be a celebratory weekly occasion that many don’t feel the need to move pass casual clothes for; but with the rise of social media and Instagram marketing it is the new setting for high fashion. Since summer (or my winter break) has commenced a flirty and fun outfit is needed for the midday social.

Particularly, a light midi flowing dress is chic for brunch. If you are sitting outdoors to enjoy the views of your local area like a  golf course, ocean, or city high rises then one should opt for the resort wear bohemian influenced dress. The trendy sundress will promote elegant features and provide a cool effect. All perfect for the outdoor midday teas and mimosa.

This weekend I went to Jackson’s in Tampa, Florida. Despite a tropical storm on the rise my family and I still decided to sit outdoors and enjoy the lovely waterside view. We got to enjoy all the ships passing by as we dined.

Knowing, the outdoor seating I decided to go with an adorable dress from Anthropologie. The sundress was an off the shoulder dress with a blue fabric. The fabric was outlined with black and grey stripes through the dress. The midi dress was light and fitting for the weather. It was endearing and fit a semi-casual dress code. Likewise, the blue dress also paired nicely with the ocean surroundings.

To accessorize and enhance the outfit, I choose a black H&M belt. The belt served the purpose of adding an extra detail to the outfit along with giving the dress a more fitted look.

Along with that I choose a pair of pleather heels. The dark platform heels added a bit of height. They also provided a sharper look to the outfit making it more dressy. The darker heels matched with the belt and the stripes on the dress.

Notably, the outfit I choose met the new brunch semi casual standard. The sundress provided a cute and fun look that allowed for finishing accessories. Likewise, the belt and shoes enabled a more finish outfit that fit the brunch trend.

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