Wildlife Preservation

Early winter (most the worlds summer) is a great time to witness wildlife in Western Australia. The biodiversity in this Australian state ranges from emus to orcas. The most common during the season are the red kangaroo, striped possum, manta rays, emus, star finch, tree kangaroos, and green sea turtles.

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While encounters with these animals become common in the months of June, July, August, and September, it is good to note that they are still wild. Notably, wild animals hold an exotic allure that makes spotting them an exciting experience. However this doesn’t diminish the fact that they should be viewed at a distance.

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Giving a wild animal space, when it’s not injured, can help preserve its natural area. It enables the ecosystem to be maintained as a safe space for the animal. This practice prevents animals from migrating into populated areas and scavenging among cities. Thus, keeping humanized locations safe for the public.

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Respecting the space of wildlife is great for onlookers. People watching marsupial animals may be subjected to the ongoing zoonotic disease that has infected many kangaroos, wombats, and quokkas since December. Likewise other native wildlife can be carriers for the Herpes B virus, Lyme Disease, Rabies, Harvest Mites, Salmonella, Ebola, Ringworm,  and Monkeypox. Notably, many exotic animals also will bite or scratch when they get scared or feel threatened. To reduce the risk of disease or infection simply watch an animal from a distance. This helps both the viewer and the animal. Additionally, it helps preserve their ecosystem, allowing the animal to note it’s still there space.

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Notably, viewing from a distance is helpful for preservation. Yet, that doesn’t mean you aren’t suppose to watch animals an enjoy their presence. Sight seeing all the lovely wildlife can be an amazing experience everyone should get to do. Watching wildlife can promote awareness to conservation, education on species, and demote the need for exotic pet trade. There are several wildlife tours that keep a distance out of respect for wildlife if you are unsure how to go about preserving the animal’s environment.

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