Summer Brunch Outfit

Sunday Brunch may be a celebratory weekly occasion that many don’t feel the need to move pass casual clothes for; but with the rise of social media and Instagram marketing it is the new setting for high fashion. Since summer (or my winter break) has commenced a flirty and fun outfit is needed for the midday social.

Particularly, a light midi flowing dress is chic for brunch. If you are sitting outdoors to enjoy the views of your local area like a  golf course, ocean, or city high rises then one should opt for the resort wear bohemian influenced dress. The trendy sundress will promote elegant features and provide a cool effect. All perfect for the outdoor midday teas and mimosa.

This weekend I went to Jackson’s in Tampa, Florida. Despite a tropical storm on the rise my family and I still decided to sit outdoors and enjoy the lovely waterside view. We got to enjoy all the ships passing by as we dined.

Knowing, the outdoor seating I decided to go with an adorable dress from Anthropologie. The sundress was an off the shoulder dress with a blue fabric. The fabric was outlined with black and grey stripes through the dress. The midi dress was light and fitting for the weather. It was endearing and fit a semi-casual dress code. Likewise, the blue dress also paired nicely with the ocean surroundings.

To accessorize and enhance the outfit, I choose a black H&M belt. The belt served the purpose of adding an extra detail to the outfit along with giving the dress a more fitted look.

Along with that I choose a pair of pleather heels. The dark platform heels added a bit of height. They also provided a sharper look to the outfit making it more dressy. The darker heels matched with the belt and the stripes on the dress.

Notably, the outfit I choose met the new brunch semi casual standard. The sundress provided a cute and fun look that allowed for finishing accessories. Likewise, the belt and shoes enabled a more finish outfit that fit the brunch trend.

Capital Fashion

Recently, I was in Maryland for a family trip. As a last American event I wanted to go to Preakness for the horse races. While, I was staying in Maryland I was able to venture into the nation’s capital after a half hour trip.

Last time I was in DC it was quite warm and not rainy. During this trip it was poring and cold. Due to the intense rainfall I opted for flats instead of heels. Notably, I choose subtle nude flats. The flats itself had no design or trim to enhance the shoes or make a statement. I decided to wear these flats because they allowed for a classier look in the political powerhouse district.

As for the main components of the outfit I selected a lace sleeveless top. The lace top was from Forever 21 and had intricate floral details. It had a high neckline with a curled trim. Adorning the neckline it also had a dark silk bow-string tie. Following the bow the top was then met with a slight laced ruffle and black trim. The lace top was very feminine and lovely for a professional or chic environment.

To match the flats and top I went with a blush pink skirt from Shein. I choose the color because it fit on the neutral spectrum I was going with. The skirt like my flats was plain. Notably, to style the look I left the pencil skirt un-tucked. The pencil skirt was knee-length, so it was perfect for touring respectable historical sites.

The outfit I selected for my capital trip was professional and cute. It’s perfect for a work place setting and romantic venues. Best off all the products selected can be found at Forever 21 and Shein for under $20.00 usd prices. Similar tops and skirts are available as well.

Personally, I have sported this look many times before during professional class room days at school. It still provides a feminine edge while channeling a Legally Blonde affluent look.

Western Festival Fashion Staples

Festival season has kicked started in full swing. With week one of Coachella at an end, it is easy to spot the needed apparel for all future and upcoming music gatherings of the year.  In order to make sure you can rock the Balloon and Wine Festival, Lollapalooza Week 2, and Stagecoach one must dress the part.

Music festivals are notably, known for their exotic and bold fashion trends. They normally take inspiration from bohemian and indie fashion influences. This year the trend is a western style.


To blow away all your friends fashion choices and set the trend this concert season simply incorporate these hidden gems to perfect the western vibe.

  • Turquoise jewelry is a simple staple that can be found in any thrift store or vintage consignment shop. The bright blue color gives a pop of spring fever. While, the sterling silver outlining brings a desert daydream look.

Image result for turquoise jewelry festival

  • Double buckle belts are another easy fashion pick. You can simply loop them through your favorite shorts or have it hang around your dress. The double buckle once again offers the country couture.

Bri Bri Waist Belt, view 1, click to view large image.

  • Cowboy hats are a perfect fit for all outfits. They come in multitudes of colors and fabrics so finding the fit for your wardrobe pick is no hassle. You can even spice up the iconic hat with a feather, crown, roses, belt, glitter, or chain. All your festival favorites can be incorporated with the cowboy hat. The best part about this accessory is that it is great for the desert heat.

Image result for cowboy festival hats

  • Bandannas- or a kerchief are a fun way to accent a plain top or dress. If you’re not wanting to dress up to much, since your to busy planning your concert choices, opt for a fun neck tie. The bandanna has an intricate paisley pattern and bold colors that are bound to draw attention against a plain tank or t-shirt dress. You can utilize it as a scarf, tie, wrist band, or headband. The kerchief has endless ways to portray the newest trend.

Image result for bandana

  • Fringe suede any article of clothes supporting fringe can be deemed western. For more of a cowboy cult classic look incorporate suede as the prominent material. The fringe on any suede piece of clothing adds a nice vintage presence.

Image result for fringe suede jacket

  • Snake skin ankle booties  are an adorable and flirty choice. For all shoe lovers they are a must need in your wardrobe this festival season. The snake-skin presents a confident and chic upgrade to all outfit choices. The pattern offers an alternative bohemian configuration and meshes well with other prints, textures, and materials. It won’t matter if you’re wearing lace or glitter the boots are a must have.

Image result for snakeskin ankle boots

5 Best Spring Lipsticks

Every  outfit needs the best finishing details. This spring season is no different. The biggest and boldest statements or the cute and classy declarations are artistically painted on one’s lips. Below are the 5 best spring lipsticks to help make your outfit make its intended stylish announcement.

Elf‘s Tinted Lip Oil in the color coral kiss is a beautiful pink/orangish hue that can enhance brightly fashioned wardrobe selections. The lip oil is the perfect gloss to add a pep of shine in all vacation and resort wear. The plus side is that is $6.00 usd. Tinted Lip Oil

Tarte Cosmetics‘ LipSurgence Matte Lip Tint is the perfect pink pleasure. The pink lipstick has a creme texture that provides vitamin enrichment. Unlike most matte lipsticks the creme vitamin C and E texture enables a smooth and sleek color. Notably, the pink coloring  on the luck shade is a lighter color that pairs nicely with pastel pieces.     LipSurgence™ matte lip tint


Anastasia Beverly Hills‘ Liquid Lipstick is a fan favorite among beauty bloggers. The liquid matte stays on for a long time and has an easy to use applicator. Particularly, the best thing about the liquid lipstick are the colors. Luckily, out of the fabulous 39 colors to choose from Stormy Lilac, Faded Teal, and Ripened Red are the perfect shades to add a burst of color into your spring outfit.

Liquid Lipstick - Strawberry

Liquid Lipstick - Strawberry

Liquid Lipstick – Clover

Liquid Lipstick – Clover

Liquid Lipstick - Insomniac

Liquid Lipstick - Insomniac

Belt Bags

In the 80’s the fanny packs were invented for a lifestyle accessory. You could accessibly add all your basic necessities into a bag attached at the waist and enjoy your day. The fanny pack consisted of rayon packaging and neon colors no one cared for.

Obviously, this trend was never a hit. Yet, the concept of easy  travel and mobility were still a necessity. Taking a hint from sorority girls across the states, who use fanny packs religiously for all greek day events,  brands where able to reinvent the waist bag concept.

 Image result for fanny pack adpi

Giving the mockable bag a comeback, Gucci’s Marmont GG leather belt bag lead the comeback. The started the reinvention with a new name, a belt bag. Simple but trendy. Plus with the 2017 environment toward classy minimalistic clothing the designer brands was perfect to pioneer the trend.

As festival season approached in 2018 every influencers online seemed to have a version of the leather staple. The belt bag appeared to be everywhere. It was the perfect accessory, clean, classy, and cute.

Image result for gucci belt bag

High brands then adopted the iconic Gucci enablement. Brandy Melville added a horse bit across the faux leather pouch. Revolve took a different approach adding different belts to go with their bag. Nordstrom’s offers the belt bag in vegan leather or an eco-friendly version of cotton. All of these affordable styles appealed to brand marketers on instagram.

Image result for revolve belt bag

Anyone who is currently following Coachella 2018, week 1 fashion can note that this style was rampant. It fit the music festival’s laid back modern bohemian vibe. The belt bag made transportation from one concert to another as easy as ever.

Image result for coachella belt bag

Notably, the belt bag unlike its dinosaur ancestor, the fanny pack will be here to stay.

Five for Five Finds

Sales are easy to spot during hallmarked times. Christmas, New Years, Black Friday, Valentines, President’s Day, Easter, and Fourth of July are notorious for the targeted consumer giveaways.

Yet, when the holiday seasons are over its harder to spot the good deals or cheaper buys. Below are a few e-commerce stores that have good quality deals for five dollars or under.

  1. Forever 21– Offers 500 accessories all under five dollars. These items range from face masks to dorm decor. There are multiple chokers and scrunchies. The stores sale section and basic shop have physical clothing pieces for the cheaper price.
  2. Dog Dog– A quirky and modern clothing store has several inexpensive products. Primarily they have accessories and slogan shirts under five dollars. The store also has flower crowns and eccentric phone cases. For fun and minimalist fashion statements Dog Dog is the place to shop.
  3. Modcloth– Their home decor and accessories department always have a few items under five. While, most iteams are custom and quality. The store occasionally has a good sale on their products, making these quick deals wonderful. Especially since most of Modcloth’s products are $25 or over.
  4. Nasty Gal– Is hosting an amazing 80% off sale. This sale is featuring items starting at $2.00. You can find multiple products in the two to five dollar range in the first few listing of this sale. My favorite products I’ve seen are their artsy cards and fluffy scarves. They also have a few shirts, tassel earrings, highlighter, and bikini bottoms. All products are great buys for summer.
  5. YesStyle– is a Korean clothing store that offers custom items. Most of the store is cost efficient for lovely embroidered products. My personal favorites under five dollars are their beret hats.  They also have adorable socks, unicorn inspired beauty products, lace shorts, and play suites that fall into the five and under category. The whole store is a hidden online gem.

Missguided Top

In 2009 Nitin Passi founded and jump started the international, UK based, brand Missguided. Since its humble origins the brand has now expanded into an iconic label in young adult fashion.  Missguided is a lovely clothing site that can turn your wardrobe into a statement promoting edgy and creative looks.

The brand promotes flirty and dreamy fashion products for each occasion. Missguided offers several fun patterns from floral to snake skin prints. Likewise, there are several refreshing denim cuts that are a classic for all trends. Basic apparel or the necessities were given a modern twist. All products represent bold and fun lifestyle wear.

This weekend I kicked off my Friday with a classic pair of lace jeans. They were my current favorite style of tie, high waist denim. The lacing on the rib-bits were creme along with dark stitching on the sides.

To pair the outfit I choose to wear my new Missguided bardot top. The blouse was off the shoulders and had curled trimmed cut. The crop top was hemmed and offered a slimming feature with its neutral coloring. The blouse was a petite wardrobe item. Thus, making it wonderful for my small 5’2 frame. I had the crop top in my closet for a while so I was overjoyed to war it.


Finalizing, my outfit choice I elected to match my outfit with a pair of black platform open toe wedges. They added a little bit of height to the outfit. The shoes also color coordinated with my Missguided top.