I was in Tampa for some travel checkpoints at the airport. So, I decided to get brunch after I completed my morning tasks.

Normally, when I’m in Tampa I frequent Hyde Park or Bayshore Boulevard. This area typically has neet restaurants,  up and coming food busses, and trendy stands. The center was fashioned to mimic the likes of Central Park and Fifth Avenue in New York. Due to the chic landscape and friendly people, I often consider it the only part of Florida I tolerate.

However, today I ventured away from the likeness of Sprinkles Cupcakes, Bar Taco, Four Green Fields to a more residential favorite. Datz is known in the area for its craft beers, specialty treats, and comfort foods. So, I opted to try it out for Brunch.

Luckily for me, it was an instant hit. The place had indie decorations; from wine chandeliers to fairy light bar stools. Outside they had several ecliptic sayings with food backgrounds.

Particularly, they had an adorable painting perfect for instagram photos. The wall was adorned with doughnuts, bacon, and cherries as cats were scattered across the wall. It was to cute not to pass taking a photo by, even though I wasn’t dressed for the occasion.

Datz, was a great little deli too. Besides the cute atmosphere the restaurant also had amazing food. They made delicious pancakes that were cooked into perfection. Similarly they had fluffy omelets and wonderful cheesy grits. It was an amazing try for brunch.

Stocking Stuffers under $25.00

With Christmas fast approaching everyone is rushing to get last minute Christmas presents. Likewise, Secret Santa is in full swings and gifts under $25.00 need to be salvaged at the last minute. To avoid to last minute scramble of gifts I’ve created a list of chic stocking stuffers that your friends will love.

  1.  Tarte lipstick kit– Sephora $19.00
  2. Tiny Mega Stud Sted– Free People $20.00 Thumbnail View 1: Teeny Tiny Mega Stud Set
  3. Little Snow Fairy– Lush $19.95 Little Snow Fairy
  4. Card Case– Victoria Secret $14.00 Metallic Crackle Heart Card Case
  5. Gold Dot Mug– Kate Spade $20.00 100
  6. Faux Fur Charm– Charming Charlie $12.00 Kendall + Kylie Iggy Faux Fur Bag Charm
  7. Kitty Pin– Betsey Johnson $17.98 HOLIDAY GIVING KITTY PIN
  8. Exfoliating Sugar Cubes: Harper +Ari- Swoozies $12.95 
  9. Trinket Dish– Francesca’s $7.98 OMG! Ring Trinket Dish-  gift-cl
  10. Sheet Mask– Urban Outfitters 2 for $5.00 UO Sheet Mask

Gingerbread Cake Pops

I’m all about no baking recipies. Mainly this stems from my likelihood of causing accidents, and no one wants to have to contact the fire department. So, I’ve compiled several no baking recipies that are easy to make.

For the month of December, I thought something seasonal would be good to post about. Gingerbread Cake Pops were an idea that came to me when I was at Starbucks last year caffinating myself through an anatomy class.

  1. Mix and crumble 14 gingersnaps together
  2. Blend the crumbled gingersnaps for 30 seconds (on a highpowered blender)
  3. Measure and set aside a half cup of a sugar glaze  (a cookie butter glaze will work and so will the sugar free glaze)
  4. Chrush candied gingers till a quarter of a cup can be filled
  5. Set aside a quarter of a cup of the crushed candied gingers
  6. Set aside a 1/2 stick of butter or other binder for food
  7. Place butter in blender with the crumbled ginger snaps and crushed candied gingers
  8. Take the blended cake pop base from blender
  9. Form a half inch circles with the cake pop base or take a cookie cutter and make them into gingerbread men shapes
  10. Dipp the circles (or gingerbread man)  in sugar glaze
  11. Add a lollipop stick into each of the circles
  12. Decorate with frosting or additional glazes (optional)
  13. Freeze the cake pops unitl they become solid (a half of a day normally works)
  14. Enjoy!!


Chocolate Acorns

I’ve never been the best cook but the more fundraisers and philanthropy events I attended the more I had to learn to make treats. Once I got into college it was like a whole over playing field. My undergrad was in the south at Mississippi State were all the southern girls had ample dishes and baked goods to serve out. So, I needed a dessert guide for idiots; unfortunately, I couldn’t find one. After lots of failed attempts I’ve been able to get a collection of easy no hassle treats anyone could make.

Since it is November I have decided to share one of my easy go to desserts. This one is perfect for all the after school clubs, organizations, parties, and events one might attend in college. Chocolate Acorns was something I saw on a food network a while back. A contestant was utilizing them to top a cake. It was never fully explained how the treat was formed. Notably, after analyzing pictures of them for awhile I was able to make sense of the treat.

In its fully simplicity the Chocolate Acorns only require vanilla wafers, chocolate sauce, chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, and Hershey kisses.

  1. Lay ingredients out on a clean surface
  2. Unwrap the Hershey kisses
  3. Use the chocolate sauce as glue by attaching it to the unwrapped Hershey kisses
  4. Attach the vanilla wafers to the Hershey kisses; the chocolate sauce acts as glue
  5. Add chocolate sauce to the chocolate chips or peanut butter chips
  6.  Attach the chocolate chips and peanut butter chips too the top of the wafer; the chocolate sauce should act as glue
  7. Seal items in air tight contain or zip block bag
  8. Enjoy!!!