NYFW Leather Dress 2018

Fashion is hallmarked each year February 8th till the 16th. All tier brands showcase their own styles that conglermerately reveal the fashion forecast for the spring and summer. While all designers have a set style and flair there are still common trends that can be seen during the week that are universal and constant from each brand.

One of the more popular items showcased across the board was leather dresses. Leather ensembles were seen all throughout the big city, from the streets, clubs, and to the runway.

The most notable mentions of leather dresses are the skin-tight bodycon dress, a flair  sleeve mini dress,  the revival of the cut out leather dress, and a high neck tapered dress.  All of these dresses come from Shayne Oliver and LaQuan Smith.

Elisa PVC dress

Sleeveless Nova Dress

Image result for shayne oliver leather dresses

These two up and coming designers have shifted the fashion scale to mirror a more bondage eccentric theme. With spring and summer on the rise the leather idea sports a sexy in the sun vibe. While the whole summer trend might be rebinding to the sweet and innocent 1950’s flair, nightlife options have taken a turn. The new rules are everything goes with a tight leather number.

Since, we all can’t have closets filled with high brand or upcoming designers I have compiled a fashion set below. All the items including the leather dress are under $50.00 usd.


In such manners, I decided to have fun with the fashion trend. I wore a pleather skater dress (since I’m animal friendly)  with a silver metal threading at the end trim. The dress was form-fitting and held a flat midi lining. Like in the fashion set I have sponsored above, I added a pop of color in a hot pink variety.
The dress ended up being a perfect choice for a nightlife option. The trimming at the end of the dress was gritty and contrasted nicely with the pink heels.
This trend is defiantly a wonderful choice for spicing up a summer night.

Professional Pink

In a classic business setting most people stick to neutral colors. Normally a dark plain blazer and matching pants. Likewise, the undershirt is a grey, white, or light blue blouse. The neutral colors indicate a form of salaried workers. The bottoms, pants or skirts, are to be crisp and straight down.
Recently, I saw a few lighter colored blazers in an accessory shop. Due to my affinity for the color pink I found it adorable. My only struggle was how to make this blazer business casual.
My veterinary courses require a blue-color dress code on Fridays. So, I decided to test out my outfit for the day. I paired my double buttoned pink blaze,r from Versona, with a simple flair skirt, I got from H&M. I also have a lace pink top from Anthropologie.
I then accessorizes my outfit with pieces from Primark. I attached a velvet bow to the lace trim of my top. I added a pink floral hair pins to push my hair back. For shoes I kept the professional trend and wore black round toe heels. However, for after class I added my pair of feathered light pink glitter pumps.
The outfit was a stretch out of my normally work wear or business professional attire, yet it made me stand out from all the other uniform looks. Work wear can still be chic and cute. The professional pink look was a go that I would repeat again.
Down below, I attached an outfit set and links. Listed below is wear you can find similar items to my professional pink outfit.
Pink dream



Miss Selfridge Petites Nude Blazer JacketMiss Selfridge Petites Nude Blazer Jacket (see more petite blazer jackets)

TIBI jacquard skirt

Feather shoes

Woolen hat

Velvet belt
$17 – very.co.uk

Jennifer behr hair accessory
$215 – net-a-porter.com

Witchery shiny nail polish
$12 – witchery.com.au

Valentines Daytime Outfits

If your still in school or in an environment where you can’t wear your most romantic ensemble there is no need to stress. You can still look chic and cute before your evening plans.  Just match a cute skirt with a nice blouse or body suite.

Notably, Valentines day falls on a Wednesday so I’ll be stuck wearing scrubs to class. So, I’m wearing one of my Hello Kitty heart printed scrub tops with a pair of red scrub pants.

This is a step up from my normal plain grey and blue scrubs I wear daily. However, if I was in another school environment like my undergraduate courses I would wear something pink and flirty.

For most students and workers you can opt for a simple skirt and top. The outfit I wore today is a great example.  The pink corduroy mini skirt from Forever 21 is a wonderful staple for the outfit. I then paired it with a floral embroidered mesh body suite with frill sleeves form Francesca’s. As for shoes I added my basic chunky black heels with silver studs.


The skirt showed off my legs and the body suite was form-fitting. The pink and floral embroidery enhanced the romantic theme of the outfit. Thus, creating a romantic daytime look.


Romantic Reds 2018

It’s the time of year you either jonesing for or resenting. Either way its a lovely excuse to pull out festive and glam looks. What better way, than to celebrate Valentines Day with red emsambles.

This seasons red romantic picks are below:

Wrap Dress: From morning mimosas to late night molten chocolate cake wrap dresses sure are sweet. The simplistic form is easy to wear and still serves as a cute wardrobe classic. No matter what your body type is one can’t go wrong with the saucy dress. Along with that, the dress works for any occasion. Whether you Valentines day plans are a simple girls night dinner or an adventurous date the wrap dress is timeless.

The fashion favorite dress showcased below is the Saucin’ On You Wrap Dress. The flirty dress features all the ideal aspects of wrap dresses. Ties upper waist, stylized V neck opening, simple band in the back, and dry flat shape. Its red color is alluring and mesmorizing as its ruffles offer a girly twist. This TOBI dress does no wrong.

red-saucin-on-you-ruffle-wrap-dress (1)


Tulle Midi Skirts:  Tulle skirts are with out a doubt one of the most romantic clothing iteams you can own! They are also essential for everyone’s wardrobe. Tulle skirts are composed of soft and delicate layers of  fabric. They go nicey with blouses and body suites. Overall they are perfect to chanel hearts and kisses feels during the month of love.

The Eloise tulle midi skirt, shown below, is captavating and sweet with its burgundy red color. This tulle daydream creates a perfect style for all modern romantics. Morning Lavender‘s kirts offers all the pretty princess feels.



Blazer Dress: The form-fitting blazer or tuxedo styled shirt dress is chic and trendy. It is a great Valentines day option for those venturing into restaurant reservations or up and coming night clubs. The blazer dress is a very Hollywood option. Several celebrities have been sporting the trend as a rebuttal for the gender expected dress. regardless, a blazer dress is a sharp statement that demands attention.

The head turner below is from a Red Gold Button Detailed Blazer Dress.  The red blazer dress is steamy with its bold coloring. The red show stopper gains attention to with its simplistic gold buttons around the bust. It can be purchased at Pretty Little Thing.


Embroidered Blouses: If you don’t want to dress up, a mesh blouse is the perfect fit. You can accessorize with a plain tank top or lacy bra. Likewise its fun to match with jeans or a leather skirt. The embroidery makes a statement that can be playful and flirty. It’s also great for galentines day celebrations.

The embroidered blouse featured below is from Free People. It showcases sequined hearts and ruffled sleeves. The featured blouse can be purchased at revolve. The red heart embrodery stands out and creates a romantic feel.




Bandeau Tie Front Crop: The classic look always provides a feminine vibe. Outfits like crop tops and camis with the tie in front offer a sensual beholding. The bandeau style provides  an effortless beauty that is wonderful for any occasion, be it a night out or a daytime getaway.

The featured Bandeau Tie Front is from MINKPINK. It is dark red to capture a sultry essence. On a smaller level it even has a micro heart print that blends sweetly with its thin straps.



High Low Skirt: A high low skirt is a bottom wear product that is fitting for all figures. It accentuates someone’s height if they are short, or showcases someone’s legs if taller. Either way high low skirts are a must for all body types. While, most are straight and hold no room for trim, a good choice for Valentines day is a flare version of the skirt. The bright red color will excuentuate everyones natural curves.

Shown below is the Hold Onto Me Skirt. It is a bright red flare high low skirt. It has cute trim as it is layered at the bottom. Similarly, the top of the skirt also sponsors cute stylized destinctions. The skirt has a chic red bow serving as a tie belt. The NOVA skirt is crucial for anyone wanting to be a red envy dancing the night away.

 Hold Onto Me Skirt - Red

Hold Onto Me Skirt - Red

Leather Mini Dress: For thouse opting for a more provacative couture option for the day love, look no further! The ideal clothing aperal piece is a leather mini dress. Mini dresses leave little to the imagination and also reveal feminine assests. Likewise, leather adds to the tempting allure of women’s clothing. So, all in all, a leather mini dress is perfect for a seductive Valentines day look.

The Risky Treats Dress show below is the perfect amourus piece. The dress is not only an alluring red mini dress, but has a sweetheart neckline too. The simple pleasures of the dress don’t end there. DollsKill‘s dress has a bardot style and slinky ruffled sleeves. The red mini dress oozes romance.




Bardot 2018

The term Bardot has stemmed from the iconic french model and actress, Brigitte Bardot. She was popularized for often wearing off the shoulder iteams sporting a bare look. The sexualized 1950’s style then evolved into current fashion statements.

The name Bardot then ventured to be a high brand clothing store. Bardot, the Australian brand often promotes styles from the famous namesake. There seasonal trends, especially summer and spring still showcase the infamous Cannes film festival look Brigitte pulled off.

Now in the 2018 spring and summer fashions have decided to reflect the off the shoulder look. Some stores are even calling these products bardot tops and dresses. So, the iconic look has made a comeback.

The off the shoulder style was one I decided to try. To style this bardot look I choose a lighter color dress. The pink and creme gingham pattern dress was to accentuate feminine style. Likewise, I choose a dress with girly frills on the bottom cut of the clothing iteam.

 Since off the shoulder dresses normally have a straight cut often making it hard to make a figured tailor, I opted for a belt. I went with a pale pink waist tie belt to accentuate a formed look. I then paired the dress with a pair of light pink heels with floral designs for a fun mix of prints.  I then added more accessories to the mix with a pale pink sorority layered choker necklace.

This clothing  choice was the perfect summer outfit.

Best Fashion Apps

If you are struggling for an outfit or can’t decided what to wear you can simply go to these apps for fashion advice. Most of these apps are backed up by teams of fashion bloggers and can fully assist someone in their outfit crisis.

  1. Style Counsel: Style Counsel is an app where you simply snap pictures or ask questions and several members will vote or respond to your ponderings. Likewise, they also have style experts wich are bigger influencers or brand endoursers wich can help with a more experienced opinion. This app is fairly knew but reliable. It has a close network as it slowly grows, yet it is full of friendly advice.
  2. LiketoKnow: The LiketoKnow app is one where top influencers or instagram bloggers document there outfits on another platform. If you are ever lost for an outfit idea simply just click on there pictures and it takes you to the links. You can never go wrong with this because one already sees what the outfit looks like. This app is simple yet affective.
  3. Muses:  The influencer app Muses is another great app for fashion advice. Simply just going a group and you’ll have several other individuals assisting you with there valid opinions on outfits or fashion choices. The app will also help you grow your following as you make fast friends to help.
  4. Polyvore: For thouse that like to design and pick out there own outfits you can select iteams and products from thousands of brands and pair it in a set. This app is resourceful for when you are struggling to piece iteams together in your closet. Simply experiement your clothes together and see all the likes you’ll get.  There are also several contest on here where you can win giftcards towards popular sites.
  5. Wanelo: The Wanelo app allows you to like your favorite iteams and place it in a collection. It is quite similar to pintrest, yet only for fashion. It host several clothing iteams and merchandise to help you spot current trends.


Spring Shoe Save

As spring fashion is slowly intergrading its way into the stores you’ll start to find a common theme amongst heeled products. The new spring fling is to have clear fastinings or heels on your beloved booties or pumps.

Related image

The 80’s inspired style is making a comeback. The current stock and premature popularity of these shoes is a huge indicator of what is to come for early 2018 fashions. As promoted in the Parada 2018 Collection, Ego boots, and Dior Fashion Week 2017 its a no brainer that these clear plastic shoes will become the newest craze.

Image result for spring shoes clear

The shoes are making a wave back from late 1982 and early 1983 with bright adornishments. The addition of fun shapes, emblems, and glitter are just one way these shoes are making a current comeback. Likewise, they are easy to accessorize. On top of the simplistic or bold approches these shoes offer you can pair them with leggings, fishnets, or bright nail art. So, you can individualize the plastic see through shoes to fit your fashion sense.

Related image

Since we all can’t sport designer or high brand versions of these shoes like our favorite A list celebrities, I’ve provided a few alternatives. Here are a list of a more cost efficient route to stay on point.

1.Make Me Chic:  Is offering an open toe double clear strapped pair of metallic sandals. These shoes support clear pvc straps that offer a silver shine. You can easily pair them with bright socks and not burst your budget. They are offered at $18.99


2. Shoes.com: Has multiple variations of clear shoes. From pumps, sandals, tennish shoes, and booties. There best quality listing is the clear lucite shoes. They feature one broad band strap and free heel. Currently these shoes are listed for $33.95.

Fabulicious Romance 301 - Clear Lucite

3. Forever21: Has two amazing finds. They have thigh high clear boots and ankle boots. All of these clear boots show of a lovely stiletto and chunky zipper. Amazingly, there boots are currently listed on sale so they are all on the shoe clearence price. The pair of ankle boots are priced at $27.93 and lucite boots are $54.60!