Best Fashion Apps

If you are struggling for an outfit or can’t decided what to wear you can simply go to these apps for fashion advice. Most of these apps are backed up by teams of fashion bloggers and can fully assist someone in their outfit crisis.

  1. Style Counsel: Style Counsel is an app where you simply snap pictures or ask questions and several members will vote or respond to your ponderings. Likewise, they also have style experts wich are bigger influencers or brand endoursers wich can help with a more experienced opinion. This app is fairly knew but reliable. It has a close network as it slowly grows, yet it is full of friendly advice.
  2. LiketoKnow: The LiketoKnow app is one where top influencers or instagram bloggers document there outfits on another platform. If you are ever lost for an outfit idea simply just click on there pictures and it takes you to the links. You can never go wrong with this because one already sees what the outfit looks like. This app is simple yet affective.
  3. Muses:  The influencer app Muses is another great app for fashion advice. Simply just going a group and you’ll have several other individuals assisting you with there valid opinions on outfits or fashion choices. The app will also help you grow your following as you make fast friends to help.
  4. Polyvore: For thouse that like to design and pick out there own outfits you can select iteams and products from thousands of brands and pair it in a set. This app is resourceful for when you are struggling to piece iteams together in your closet. Simply experiement your clothes together and see all the likes you’ll get.  There are also several contest on here where you can win giftcards towards popular sites.
  5. Wanelo: The Wanelo app allows you to like your favorite iteams and place it in a collection. It is quite similar to pintrest, yet only for fashion. It host several clothing iteams and merchandise to help you spot current trends.


Seven For All Mankind

I’ve only worn jeans from four three different brands. Once I find a brand I like I tend to wholeheartedly committ to it. My wardrobe staple brands are like my life long relationships; dependable and always on my mind.

So, when it was time to get a pair of jeans I wouldn’t ruin out at the stables or rescue I decided to go with my all time denim must have brand, Seven For All Mankind. Since, its start in 2000 I have been a fan and ultimatly cherished every pair I’ve gotten from them.

Seven For All Mankind jeans have been a great fit and ultimatly good for a night out. Every pair I’ve gotten from them has been fit and detailed. The designers Dahan and Glasser saw the brand as a way to fufill the void that is often seen in denim appearal. They both sought to make there jeans specific to detail and with enhanced embrodiery to subdue the lull in contemporary denim markets.

My most recent pair of Seven For All Mankind jeans I’ve gotten was there camo denim jeans. The jeans are tailored nicley. They also host good embrodiery in a gold color in the signature “A” stiched on the pockets. Along with that the detailing on the jeans is subpar with adorable gold star studs along the pockets.

The jeans are great to pair with a bodysuit and heels. Personally I utilized my Shein mesh body suit with a pair of black platform wedges. This outfit is great for a night out in Perth.

Love the denim camo print trend right now and my @7forallmankind jeans! #fashionblog

Velvet Yay or Nay?!

“Life starts all over again when it’s crisp in the fall,” - F. Scott Fitzgerald. Currently celebrating the last few official days of fall with my floral @sheinofficial top! New blogpost tonight 💛🌼💛#sheinofficial #sheingals #shein

A recent  winter trend has been to wear colored velvet apparal. Every department store has racks filled with emrald green, dark blue, deep purple, and ruby red velvet skirts, tops, and dresses. Even hair scrunchies and scarves have been fashioned in the velevet texture. Beeing that I’m more into bohemian clothing styles or a polished classic look the velet trend is not my favorite. Velvet just clashes with my clothing style.

Related imageImage result for velvet clothesImage result for velvet clothes Related image

While my friends were obseessing over their new “trendy” velvet products I was veering away from the new it thing. Velvet wasn’t something that I wanted to accesorize or center my outfit around.

Personally,  velvet is a fabric that I cannot incorperate naturally into my daily styles, as it ruins the look I’m striving for. When styling my more classic outfits the velvet tops or dresses seemed to make my blouses or skirts seem cheap and tacky.  If paired with a off the shoulder blouse and blazer I was often reminded of the early 2000’s mom velour track suites. Likewise, on my boho or beach iteams it made my outfits seem more grunge or skater. So, I’ve been avoiding the trend like the plauge this season.

Velvet definatly is a no for me under the contexts. However, I found that patterend floral velvet iteams were a yes. The lighter velvet colors were romantic and freeing. Blush, peach, and golden tones were perfect for achieving a classic look. The patterns on the velvet tarnsished the grunge or mom style velvet apparal normally provided.

Notably, I discovered a blush pink velvet skirt that went nicley with my feathered heels and oxford shirt. Likewise I matched an outfit with a floral gold tank top with shorts and wedges.

While I may mark velvet as a NAY under normal terms there are cases where I would most positiviley regaurd velvet clothing apparal as chic.

Derby Days

Currently the hight of football season is in play and the commencment of horse racing season has sprinted off for the roses. So, it was essential to find a semi casual outfit to fit these midday occassions. Normally, this is an attire dress code I can struggle with. However with this seasons fast moving trends and new graphic tshirts it was a easy match.

I decided on a multi colored tweed skirt from Shein. It was affordable and slimming. The a line skirt was girly with cues of color. The fabric had mixed pinks, blues, and yellows with the grey and black background. The skirt stopped mid thigh so was easy to match with a pair of navy heels. Flirty and fun was the theme of the skirt. It has been easy to utilize in the Melbourne Racetrack.

Likewise, I was in need of a top. After living in the south I enjoy brining in influences of that hospitality. Draper James had several graphic tshirts that I could have paired my skirt with. The welcoming and charming slogans are fun mockings of “southernisms” of the south.  However, I opted on the Hold Your Horses top. It was perfect for a casual day at the races and perfect for later day tailgates.


Needless to say, I found the perfect outfit for a semi causal day. I matched the tweed Shein shirt with a Draper James top. To accesseroize I added navy heels that matched my tops text and a white hat for the sunny day ahead.

24296759_1973885692638906_1205091700037076832_n (1)



Professional Fall Trend 2017

Professional Fall Trend
With the passing of New York Fashion Week and the hype of street trends, the true fall trends have come into play. Unlike the flashy bold color petticoats supported on the runway, the global consensus has shifted to the smart and sensible sweater dresses, trench coats, and plaid blazers. This style is simple, comfortable, and most importantly work place chic.
          For those that are in professional classes or the business field a certain dress code is expected. This unspoken code is often hard to make stylish and remain professional. However, this trend enables infinite outfit possibilities that are work appropriate. The blazer offers a warm yet sophisticated appearance. A sweater or sweater dress offer a 60’s glam look that brings a wave of nostalgic sensibility.  While, the trench coats symbolize the boom of women in the work place during 1914.  When paired with minimalist loafers the outfit falls under completion. Notably, the softer colors of light pink, tan, grey, and rose gold offer a sense of neutrality. Soft neutral colors are vital for a professional fall trend because they provide a wave of calmness, femininity, and power. All are vital for taking charge of one’s busy fall schedule.
While high brand stores may be selling top dollar for these trends, below are a few sites that have this look at a cheaper price.
Sweater Dresses, Plaid Blazers, and Trench Coats:
  1. Primark/ Penney’s (Depending on the country)- all under $35 au
Grey BlazerGrey Zip Longline Coat
Camel Wrap Mac
2.  Zara– all under $50 usd
3. Boohoo– all under $40 au
Alexis Long Check Coat alternative image
Natalie Double Breasted Belted Mac alternative image
Alexis Long Check Coat alternative image
Jess Rib Detail Blouson Sleeve Jumper Dress alternative image
4. Target– all under $30 usd
5. Shein- all under $25 usd
Belted Cuff And Waist Plaid Coat

Sweater Dress

Photo: @miranda.j.davis [Galway, Ireland]
When I was in Ireland, I became a huge fan of the trench coat. However, I also loved all the prominence of sweaters. Being from San Diego, California the weather was always sunny and temperate year long. So, the aspect of a colder environment was nice.  Due to the colder temperatures I often wore sweaters. One of my personal favorites was my distressed Roxy sweater dress. The dress was simple yet stylish. It was also easy to pair with skinny jeans underneath so I could continue my travels that involved hiking and day journeys.
Roxy™ Borrowed Time Sweater Dress Erjkd03086
When I wasn’t doing day trips and was hanging around Dublin for the weekends I would match the sweater dress with simple boots and ditch the jeans. I would also add in a dark mocha colored belt to give the dress a more slimming shape. This was perfect outfit for getting a coffee and reading at Trinity after a dressage lesson.

Distressed dress /

Sweater Dress
Style set inspired on weekend outfit:  Sweater Dress