Missguided Top

In 2009 Nitin Passi founded and jump started the international, UK based, brand Missguided. Since its humble origins the brand has now expanded into an iconic label in young adult fashion.  Missguided is a lovely clothing site that can turn your wardrobe into a statement promoting edgy and creative looks.

The brand promotes flirty and dreamy fashion products for each occasion. Missguided offers several fun patterns from floral to snake skin prints. Likewise, there are several refreshing denim cuts that are a classic for all trends. Basic apparel or the necessities were given a modern twist. All products represent bold and fun lifestyle wear.

This weekend I kicked off my Friday with a classic pair of lace jeans. They were my current favorite style of tie, high waist denim. The lacing on the rib-bits were creme along with dark stitching on the sides.

To pair the outfit I choose to wear my new Missguided bardot top. The blouse was off the shoulders and had curled trimmed cut. The crop top was hemmed and offered a slimming feature with its neutral coloring. The blouse was a petite wardrobe item. Thus, making it wonderful for my small 5’2 frame. I had the crop top in my closet for a while so I was overjoyed to war it.


Finalizing, my outfit choice I elected to match my outfit with a pair of black platform open toe wedges. They added a little bit of height to the outfit. The shoes also color coordinated with my Missguided top.




President’s Day- D.C.

To commence my second day of my trip I had the opportunity to sit in on a cardiothoracic surgery (coarctation) at the museum of natural history. After viewing the resection of the narrow segment, I toured the museum.

Enjoyed seeing my favorite museum in DC today. So glad I got to save my @draperjames dress for the occasion! You can see a the pictures from the mammals and hope diamond exhibit on my blog today! #fashionblog #ootd

I got to view several different exhibits in the Smithsonian. My favorite since childhood has always been the mammal exhibit where they have the evolutionary paths of modern wildlife in each continent. I found it exciting to see the different zoological animals predecessors of what I’ll be working with in the future.

After venturing in the mammals exhibit I also got to witness the gems and minerals displays. The museum had a lovely collection for everyone to see. They also listed the organic compounds of each gem or mineral, so from an organic chemistry perspective it was neat.

Notably, a wonderful site in this exhibit was the Hope Diamond wich was in a rotating glass structure. Each angle the diamond turned, it showcased a different color. At certain angles it was a topaz yellow, dark blue, amethyst, and obsidian. All of this is due to the diamonds high clarity.


After walking by the Department of Justice and National Archives my grandparents and I decided to tour the Old Clock Tower. The Clock Tower is the highest accessible point in Washington D.C. since the Pentagon no longer enables public access.

Once we navigated up the elevators to the top floor (12 stories) we were able to see the whole city. The hexagonal outline of D.C. was viewable as was each presidential monument. Likewise, the Pentagon and the White House were in sight range. However, due to snowy weather the view was a little foggy and not as precise as it normally is.

The Old Clock Tower museum is attached to the Trump Hotel and Towers so to celebrate  all our country’s presidents and respect the social liberties America has established we decided to stop in for some treats. My grandparents and I got  teas and rose. The Trump Towers were extraordinarily lovely with lavish interior decorating. The hotel was very scenic.

Hot Tea and Priorities! Having a great time wandering around my favorite DC museums in my @draperjames velvet dress and @sheinofficial hat! Shop the full look and read about my museum trips in today’s blog! #fashionblog


Love and Lace

With everyone’s favorite day of love approaching there are several styles one can uptake. As seen in previous posts, color can be a defining factor of your desired outfit, but so can fabric.

Notably, from the options of: mesh, satin, leather, cotton, silk, cambrin, and brocade, there are endless possibilities. Yet, the most romantic and delicate is lace. Particularly, lace is a Valentines dream due to the plaited and braided embroidery. The floral twists and knits scream love.  An added bonus is that lace is always showcased in February. The concept of lace is generalized as romantic.

The lovely, fabric cultivates personality too. If you seek the cute feminine classic look, lace is the perfect foundation for a dress. For more idyllic Valentines day outfits lace can also provide a formal air of elegance. Likewise, lace can also be sported in a sultry and amorous. So, your personal taste can shine through with the beautiful fabric.

Evidently, lace is an evolving fabric. So, if you want to wear a certain color go for it. Popular colors for lace for this passionate day are lavender, pale pink, dark red, and creme white.Lace is now sported in all colors like the pink  lace dress I’m wearing below.   Similarly, if your love day plans require a bold and sexy broadway red then you can surely find it.

@miranda.j.davis instagram

Love and lace can be achieved. The older fabric is still a vital symbol for the immensity of Valentines day. Lace can be worn in any style and be cultivated into any color.



Professional Pink

In a classic business setting most people stick to neutral colors. Normally a dark plain blazer and matching pants. Likewise, the undershirt is a grey, white, or light blue blouse. The neutral colors indicate a form of salaried workers. The bottoms, pants or skirts, are to be crisp and straight down.
Recently, I saw a few lighter colored blazers in an accessory shop. Due to my affinity for the color pink I found it adorable. My only struggle was how to make this blazer business casual.
My veterinary courses require a blue-color dress code on Fridays. So, I decided to test out my outfit for the day. I paired my double buttoned pink blaze,r from Versona, with a simple flair skirt, I got from H&M. I also have a lace pink top from Anthropologie.
I then accessorizes my outfit with pieces from Primark. I attached a velvet bow to the lace trim of my top. I added a pink floral hair pins to push my hair back. For shoes I kept the professional trend and wore black round toe heels. However, for after class I added my pair of feathered light pink glitter pumps.
The outfit was a stretch out of my normally work wear or business professional attire, yet it made me stand out from all the other uniform looks. Work wear can still be chic and cute. The professional pink look was a go that I would repeat again.
Down below, I attached an outfit set and links. Listed below is wear you can find similar items to my professional pink outfit.
Pink dream



Miss Selfridge Petites Nude Blazer JacketMiss Selfridge Petites Nude Blazer Jacket (see more petite blazer jackets)

TIBI jacquard skirt

Feather shoes

Woolen hat

Velvet belt
$17 – very.co.uk

Jennifer behr hair accessory
$215 – net-a-porter.com

Witchery shiny nail polish
$12 – witchery.com.au

Holiday Dress

With New Years right around the corner it is of uptmost importance to celebrate. One of the ways loads of people do so is with Holiday parties. This normally has a ridgid dress code of metallic and glittery dresses.

However, this year I decided to further myself away from the typical silver and bronze metalic look and go for a more softer party dress.

Notably, I still picked a statment dress to help me celebrate the new year, yet it was not loud with sequins and sparkles like mine in years past. I have so far found it away to stand out from the extensive amounts of glitter and club styles everyone else sports.

Instead, this year I opted for a bold color with hints of gold threading. I picked a hot pink skater midid flair dress. The dress incorperated a creme french drappery pattern. This pattern was highlighted with gold embrodery. The dress compared to other years is simpler and quiter. Yet, it is still in a fun color and with contemporary needle work.  I styled this outfit with nude heals. Also I added accents of creme and gold necklaces and bangles. This achieved look was fun and frilly.



Last Zoo Day of the Year

As an aspiring zoological surgeon I feel at home at the zoo. The zoo and the beach are definatly my happy places. So I was thrilled to get one last visit in at the zoo before 2017 commenced.

Recently I have been having class at the zoo and have been able to visit after my course. Unlike, when I travel to see my animals at a reserve or protected island, visiting the zoo is seeing conservation at work for me. Along with that its a place that is comforting and inspiring for me to see ecological protection in place. AVMA zoos help protect animals and allow them to have free range in acres that are assimilated to mimmic there home nautre.

Likewise, as an animal lover I absolutley adore stopping and seeing all of God’s creatures. In this most recent visit I got to feed giraffes and see a baby pygmy hippo. As always I stopped by to see my other favorites too. Macropod animals are definatly have my love so I had to hang out with my wallabies for awhile. Likewise, I also feed the lorikeets and got swarmed by several of them.

All in all it was a great day at the zoo because zoo days are the best days.

Sweater Weather

Living in a warmer weather normally means no cozy sweaters or cute ankle wedges. The seasons are normally all the same, save for maybe a five degree temperature drop. None the less its still lovely. However, there are fashion iteams that don’t have a need in your wardrobe.

Since, I went to school in Mississippi and visited Ireland I still have some left over sweaters from the cooler weather. Today was a rarity where it was sprinkling and slightly cooler. The dessert morning weather gave me the oppertunity to wear my anthroplogie field flower dressage sweater. The sweater is a charcoal grey with creme and vinalla dressage horses stitched on it. The sweater is open in the form of a jacket so its more slimming. It also holds a personal meaning to me because I practice dressage.


Anthropologie Coat
Purchase at: Anthropologie via Tradsey


As with any outfit I based it with a creme knit top from HM and shorts from Pacsun. The HM top was a halter top so it was more flowly and loose than the formed sweater. This enabled me to embody some of the beach styles I like to encorperate. Following with the more relaxed vibe I paired my top with a pair of dark denim blue shorts from Pacsun.

Purchase at: HM
Due to being a short person I had to give myself some height in the outfit. I decided to match my top with some TOMS wedges. The ankle boots added to the faux winter theme I was aiming for. It also provided that I could incorperate my cooler wardrobe for a day. The tan dessert boots matched the top and help the sweater not provide a shrinking feel.

Main Image - TOMS 'Desert' Wedge Bootie (Women)

As with every outfit I needed to accessorize. I’m a big fan of a classier look even when I am encorperating a beach style or winter theme. So, I decided to add a scarf from HM. The scarf encompassed horse bit prints in black, creme, and tans so it matched perfectly. It added a more glossier and finished look to my outfit. I wore the scarf around my neck instead of utilizing it as a headband. Thus, providing a trendy street fashion style.