Professional Pink

In a classic business setting most people stick to neutral colors. Normally a dark plain blazer and matching pants. Likewise, the undershirt is a grey, white, or light blue blouse. The neutral colors indicate a form of salaried workers. The bottoms, pants or skirts, are to be crisp and straight down.
Recently, I saw a few lighter colored blazers in an accessory shop. Due to my affinity for the color pink I found it adorable. My only struggle was how to make this blazer business casual.
My veterinary courses require a blue-color dress code on Fridays. So, I decided to test out my outfit for the day. I paired my double buttoned pink blaze,r from Versona, with a simple flair skirt, I got from H&M. I also have a lace pink top from Anthropologie.
I then accessorizes my outfit with pieces from Primark. I attached a velvet bow to the lace trim of my top. I added a pink floral hair pins to push my hair back. For shoes I kept the professional trend and wore black round toe heels. However, for after class I added my pair of feathered light pink glitter pumps.
The outfit was a stretch out of my normally work wear or business professional attire, yet it made me stand out from all the other uniform looks. Work wear can still be chic and cute. The professional pink look was a go that I would repeat again.
Down below, I attached an outfit set and links. Listed below is wear you can find similar items to my professional pink outfit.
Pink dream



Miss Selfridge Petites Nude Blazer JacketMiss Selfridge Petites Nude Blazer Jacket (see more petite blazer jackets)

TIBI jacquard skirt

Feather shoes

Woolen hat

Velvet belt
$17 –

Jennifer behr hair accessory
$215 –

Witchery shiny nail polish
$12 –

Accessories For Less {Under $20}

I’m an accessory oriented person. I believe it make something simple extraordinary. For an instance I’m all about rompers and dresses just because they are easy to wear and throw on. For a person who is normally decked out in scrubs simplicity in outfits is great because its related to the non-complex style of doctoral wear.

Due to this, I normally need to spice up my outfits so they are stationed in a plain mundane wardrobe. Accessories were they easy fix to stylizing my outfits. They allow me to make bold statements and expand my creativity.

Ever since I was a child I’ve been obsessed with scarves. They are versatile so you can use them for there purpose, a necklace, head-wraps, or headbands. Likewise, I’m a huge supporter of hats. You have more fashionable cuts, basic caps, and beanies. There’s hats for every season and they all add a special flare to dresses. Similarly, glasses add an extra effect. Sunglasses provide a warm and vibrant vibe, while reading or nerd glasses provide an educated cute persona. Notably, gloves enable a person to look edgy with leather or pristine with lace. So, an accessory can create excitement in any outfit.

As a college student most my money goes towards school supplies and the rest normally goes to animal oriented events, programs, and trips. So, I only have a few to spend on myself. With that it has taught me to look for cheaper items. Thus, I decided to share my favorite accessories under $20 usd. Lots of these items are under $5 which is amazing.

  1. Urban Outfitters Pompom Scarf – $20 (comes in neutral and orange)

Thumbnail View 2: Colorblocked Pompom Scarf Thumbnail View 2: Colorblocked Pompom Scarf

2. Anthropologie Budding Baseball Cap- $19.95

Thumbnail View 4: Budding Baseball Cap

3. Free People Bow Scrunchies- $8.00 or 3 for $12.00

Thumbnail View 3: Colorblock Bow Scrunchie

Thumbnail View 2: Colorblock Bow Scrunchie

Thumbnail View 2: Colorblock Bow Scrunchie


4. Shein Graphic Printed Bandanna- $5.00

Graphic Print Bandana

5. Romwe Transparent Frame Metal Glasses- $4.99

6. Romwe Infinity Scarf – $4.99

7.Lulus Lavender Fishnet Socks- $4.00

Free People Sugar Sugar Lavender Fishnet Socks 1

8. Lulus Plaid Scarf- $16.00

Prep School Red and Navy Blue Plaid Scarf 3

Prep School Brown and Red Plaid Scarf 2

9. Topshop Ankle Socks- $6.00 or 3 for $15

Ribbed Trim Ankle Socks
Ribbed Trim Ankle Socks

10.  Dorthy Perkins Floral and Stripe Skinny Scarf- $5.00

All these items are perfect accessories that can make any outfit trendy. The addition of accessories can personalize ones outfit.

Notably, I let my unique style shine through with utilizing a Hermes scarf as a headband below.


The blue horse printed scarf allowed my black and white Billabong romper stand out. The scarf enabled a bold statement to contrast with the classic neutral coloring. A cost efficient version of the scarf can be found at