Professional Pink

In a classic business setting most people stick to neutral colors. Normally a dark plain blazer and matching pants. Likewise, the undershirt is a grey, white, or light blue blouse. The neutral colors indicate a form of salaried workers. The bottoms, pants or skirts, are to be crisp and straight down.
Recently, I saw a few lighter colored blazers in an accessory shop. Due to my affinity for the color pink I found it adorable. My only struggle was how to make this blazer business casual.
My veterinary courses require a blue-color dress code on Fridays. So, I decided to test out my outfit for the day. I paired my double buttoned pink blaze,r from Versona, with a simple flair skirt, I got from H&M. I also have a lace pink top from Anthropologie.
I then accessorizes my outfit with pieces from Primark. I attached a velvet bow to the lace trim of my top. I added a pink floral hair pins to push my hair back. For shoes I kept the professional trend and wore black round toe heels. However, for after class I added my pair of feathered light pink glitter pumps.
The outfit was a stretch out of my normally work wear or business professional attire, yet it made me stand out from all the other uniform looks. Work wear can still be chic and cute. The professional pink look was a go that I would repeat again.
Down below, I attached an outfit set and links. Listed below is wear you can find similar items to my professional pink outfit.
Pink dream



Miss Selfridge Petites Nude Blazer JacketMiss Selfridge Petites Nude Blazer Jacket (see more petite blazer jackets)

TIBI jacquard skirt

Feather shoes

Woolen hat

Velvet belt
$17 –

Jennifer behr hair accessory
$215 –

Witchery shiny nail polish
$12 –

Best Fashion Apps

If you are struggling for an outfit or can’t decided what to wear you can simply go to these apps for fashion advice. Most of these apps are backed up by teams of fashion bloggers and can fully assist someone in their outfit crisis.

  1. Style Counsel: Style Counsel is an app where you simply snap pictures or ask questions and several members will vote or respond to your ponderings. Likewise, they also have style experts wich are bigger influencers or brand endoursers wich can help with a more experienced opinion. This app is fairly knew but reliable. It has a close network as it slowly grows, yet it is full of friendly advice.
  2. LiketoKnow: The LiketoKnow app is one where top influencers or instagram bloggers document there outfits on another platform. If you are ever lost for an outfit idea simply just click on there pictures and it takes you to the links. You can never go wrong with this because one already sees what the outfit looks like. This app is simple yet affective.
  3. Muses:  The influencer app Muses is another great app for fashion advice. Simply just going a group and you’ll have several other individuals assisting you with there valid opinions on outfits or fashion choices. The app will also help you grow your following as you make fast friends to help.
  4. Polyvore: For thouse that like to design and pick out there own outfits you can select iteams and products from thousands of brands and pair it in a set. This app is resourceful for when you are struggling to piece iteams together in your closet. Simply experiement your clothes together and see all the likes you’ll get.  There are also several contest on here where you can win giftcards towards popular sites.
  5. Wanelo: The Wanelo app allows you to like your favorite iteams and place it in a collection. It is quite similar to pintrest, yet only for fashion. It host several clothing iteams and merchandise to help you spot current trends.


Monochrome Spring

As spring and summer trends start to fly in it becomes essential to rember to classic chic look. Every spring and summer clothing store is going to be piled with bright colors and floral prints. Which are all lovely and viable options.
However, there are other ways to sport a spring look without charging up a storm for pastels.A monochromatic color scheme can still achieve the same spring or summery feel.
A lace blouse with trimmings is a fresh represntation of the vitality of life. Everyone who is in the workforce probably has this iteam too. Another wardorbe stable is a pair of pants. If you have pants or a skirt in a solid color with scalloped lining its a cute way to descritely incorporate a floral outlook. Likewise a patteren coat can bring in a splash of summer youth without the bright colors.
Overall you can still have a nice and soothing summer and spring outfit from your basic wardrobe needs. Staples in grey, black, creme, white, nude, and beige can still be worn during these seasons. The monochromatic colors are to be utilized every season and can provide chic looks.

An example set is shown below

Monochrome Black


Zimmermann zipper shirt


Wide leg trousers

Chanel real leather boots

Gucci acetate sunglasses

Halloween Nail Art

Image result for cat nails for halloween
Being abroad I’ve recently discovered Halloween isn’t as big of a deal as Americans make it to be. Yet, I am a festive person that loves dressing up at all costs. So, my disappointment for people not celebrating the makeshift holiday was sky rocketed. I would not be supporting my annual cat look.
What I can do this year is add spooky chic beauty looks. A way to achieve that aim is to get a manicure.  When I go in I typically get a black or white background. The monochrome colors provide a clear backdrop for adding other textures or designs. Then I typically get cat or spider stickers on my nails once it drys.
Image result for cat nails for halloween
last years cat nails
For more creative people you can use Essie nail polish and add stickers or decals to your nails.  Claire’s has a lot of cheap stickers  and fake nails too. In you are talent beautification attempting stripes can also be a unique idea. This is super cute if you plan on going as a witch and have striped stockings to accessorize.
Prefect the style below!
Halloween Nail Art


Nail care

Essie clothing

School Supplies

Image result for perth australia tumblr
I’ve listed the links to some of my favorite office supplies. They help me stay organized in class. I’m currently obsessed with rose gold themed stationary and clips. Particularly, Forever 21 and Skinny Dip London have wonderful options.
Related image   Image result for skinnydip london office supplies
Forever 21                                                           Skinnydip London
I’ve also grown to like custom planners and have switched from Lily Pulitzer planners to professional journals. This switch was much needed as I take on doctoral school. Professors often frown upon brightly printed patterns so the burgundy and dusted pink journal was more accepted. Journals have been a better fit than planners because I can also take notes instead of writing on the margins of my dated boxes. I have found a few journals on Novica.
Leather-accented journal, 'Sunny Blossoms' - Handcrafted Floral Leather-Accented Journal from India
Novica Journal

Along with my fall obsessions I have grown to adore River Islands fall line. There blouses are essential for professional days on Thursday for guest lectures in my veterinary courses. Similarly Selfridge’s has wonderful accessories that I’ve grown to adore. There leather gloves are wonderful for crisp mornings. Likewise Kendra Scott’s new line has modern simplistic jewelry that adds clean look. 

Image result for selfridges

The links to shop similar items:

River Island red top
$27 –

Chicwish pink skirt

Pink purse

Kendra Scott ring

Dents leather glove
$45 –

N Damus wide brim hat
$49 –

Office accessory
$11 –

Inspired set:
vintage florals

Fall Favorites

Here is a list off all my favorite fall items. All items are under $50.00 and be shopped in the links below.

  1. Favorite fall line is from River Island
  2. Favorite fall purse is from ROMWE
  3. Favorite fall skirt is from Yoins
  4. Favorite fall shoes is from NewLook
  5. Favorite fall jewelry pieces are from: Nordstroms, Chicos, and Eternal Collection
  6. Favorite fall accessories is from: Buckle, Luxury Divas, TrafficShoe, and AnnTaylor
  7. Favorite fall candle is from: Khols
  8. Favorite fall scent is from: Selfridges
  9. Favorite fall sunglasses is hat is from: MindfulBohemianShop
  10. Favorite fall makeup is from: Vestry and Sephora
  11. Favorite fall boots is from: Sperry

River Island v neck shirt

River Island crop top

Chiffon skirt
$25 –

Wide shoes
$39 –

Crossbody purse

Crystal earrings
$24 –

BKE white watch

Metal ring

Lined glove

Flower garland

Ann Taylor buckle belt

Pink sunglasses

Eye brow makeup
$6.47 –

Pumpkin candle
Image result for duck boots creme duck boots sperry
Fall Favorites