Spring & Summer Colors 2018

As the spring season approaches I thought I would add a list of popular colors. The colors shown on the list here are colors that I’ve noticed in retail and department stores thus far. I’ve also incorperated a few color trends that I’ve seen from runway previews by a few brands from NYFW 2018.

Pastels: The Easter Egg colors are making a big wave this spring. While pastel’s are normally loved this time of year becasue of there resemblence to the floral undertones. However this season pastel colors have been even more subdue tone. The lighter pastel hughes provide a softer spring look.

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Sunshine Yellow –

Ruby Ice Blue-

Moda Bella Solid Ruby Ice

Light Lavender-

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Green Translucent-

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Peach Marigold-

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Bright: Another color trend is bright colors. The bright colors reminensce the blue sky and green grass. They play into the summer vibe and sunny weather.

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Buttercup Yellow-

Rosco E-Colour #643 1/4 Mustard Yellow (48"x25' Roll)

Sky Blue-

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Cranberry Pink-

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Sea Green-

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Lush Lavender-

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Hair Accessories

While I often write about staple wardrobe apparel items I often neglect the vital importance of accessories in influencing your seasonal choices. Due to spring being a time of joy and the reemergence of sunshine it is necessary to let the climate sway your style.

With all the floral, stripes, plaid, pastel, and bright patterns and colors floating around its nice to tie in a few minimal accessories. In the fall and winter I normally push flashier accessories like scarves, beanies, gloves, thicker necklaces, bold hair ties, and larger bags. Yet, this seasons trends tend to be softer in make so they call for a more subdue look.

Last week I wrote on hats for the summer and how the pair nicely with jumpsuits and rompers. So, I thought I would incorporate another lively option. As everything is now regrown and reaching full bloom, the flowers are in full swing. This scenic landscaping is easy to incorperate into your outfit.

In the past flower crowns have been a huge summer trend. But, that style has peaked in 2014, so a new floral accessories needed to become a primary contender. Luckily the hit product is flower clips. They come in all types from roses to lilies. Additionally, the clips are marketed in different fabrics from sequins to felt.

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I’ve seen them all across Claire’s, H&M, and Gap. At each store they have been cost effecient. Personally, I purchase mine at H&M; where I get a three pack for a $2.00 usd. H&M  frequently has sales on their hair accessories in stores, so its often under the $2.00 usd.

Add a feminine touch with these feather & fabric rose hair clips. | H&M Pastels

To utilize your flower, you just simply find a clip that matches your outfit then fascinate it. Primarily these clips work well with being fixed inbetween to bobby pins. Likewise they serve the same function.

In the outfit below I pulled my hair back into two parts. I then clipped each side back with two bobby pins. Then I added two flower clips to my major part line then one to the minor side part. This created a floral arrangment that matched not only the flowers in my top, yet the ones growing outside.


Rompers 2018!

While  jumpsuits are all the rave this summer, rompers are still making waves. Rompers should hold a coveted spot in your closet for warm weather must haves. The shorter version of a jumpsuit  still has a fashion impact this season.

Notably, rompers are the ideal summer outfit. They come in adorable resort wear styles that can showcase your back, legs, and arms. The one stop outfit comes in all desired styles for each body type;  strapless,  long sleeve, high neck, low-cut, extended neckline, thick short trim, bodycon, spaghetti strapped, double strap, off the shoulders, keyhole shape, tie knot, and the other endless opportunities. So, the romper can form to your fashion protocol and still keep your cool for the summer.

Rompers also compatible for many scenarios. The romper can mesh into any dress code. Formals to beach bungalows the romper can fit the scene. This clothing product is designed to be the comfiest or stylish outfit out there. You can dress it up or down, and add key accessories to enhance your look.  Notably, I’ve seen several sorority sisters where sequins rompers to our formals, and a few celebs rock the romper on red carpets. Likewise,  the romper is normally acclaimed for its ready to go look.

For this clothing attire I work a jungle palm tree printed romper. It has spaghetti straps with a higher neckline. The shorts were more flowy and mid-thigh range. The print was tropical and a great pattern for resort wear.



By now everyone has seen their favorite Instagram influencers in trendy rompers, body suits, and jumpsuits. It’s the epitome of summer.
Jumpsuits are known for the easy fit and elongating features. However, it can still be tricky to find one that works for your body type. Especially when each former model has one styled in her likeness. Particularly the drop shoulder, loose waist, extra leg train, body con, plunge neckline, and halter off. These few are among the popular cuts.
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Yet, these are designed for women over 5’8; which is 3 inches above the average height of ladies in America. So the practicality of these jumpsuits does no favors for the majority of us.
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Notably, the perfect solution had been uncovered. The sleeveless, backless strappy, wise leg jumpsuit is the perfect match for all body types. By design it isn’t baggy and adds a good measure of length to any person. Plus the backless accent adds a trendy summer accent. The style is flattering and flirty.
To perfect the jumpsuit look out for a striped feature in the longitudinal direction. This furthers the slimming property of jumpsuits. It also makes for an adorable pattern that ties nicely with a beach boardwalk or Wednesday wine tastings.
As for color go for a chic low colors. Like, sky blue, pale orange, lemon yellow, or mauve purple. Then make sure the stripes are in white or navy. You’ll want to save brown, red, and black stripes for the fall.
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Below is a style set with the featured items listed, for jumpsuit inspiration. Notably, the cutest jumpsuits I’ve seen this season have been from Revolve.

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Bardot 2018

The term Bardot has stemmed from the iconic french model and actress, Brigitte Bardot. She was popularized for often wearing off the shoulder iteams sporting a bare look. The sexualized 1950’s style then evolved into current fashion statements.

The name Bardot then ventured to be a high brand clothing store. Bardot, the Australian brand often promotes styles from the famous namesake. There seasonal trends, especially summer and spring still showcase the infamous Cannes film festival look Brigitte pulled off.

Now in the 2018 spring and summer fashions have decided to reflect the off the shoulder look. Some stores are even calling these products bardot tops and dresses. So, the iconic look has made a comeback.

The off the shoulder style was one I decided to try. To style this bardot look I choose a lighter color dress. The pink and creme gingham pattern dress was to accentuate feminine style. Likewise, I choose a dress with girly frills on the bottom cut of the clothing iteam.

 Since off the shoulder dresses normally have a straight cut often making it hard to make a figured tailor, I opted for a belt. I went with a pale pink waist tie belt to accentuate a formed look. I then paired the dress with a pair of light pink heels with floral designs for a fun mix of prints.  I then added more accessories to the mix with a pale pink sorority layered choker necklace.

This clothing  choice was the perfect summer outfit.